April – June 1997

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

In our last newsletter, we told you we were going to France. The trip was incredible! There are so many memories from our short week to tell you about, there probably isn’t room in this letter to get to all of them. We’ll share a few observations with you. Wine is cheaper than water, coffee or beer! Guess what we drank in France! Dogs go everywhere with their owners, even restaurants. Keith had breakfast with a pooch one morning. There are even separate taxi fares for dogs. We took a quick, 4 hour tour of Paris and even though we just skimmed the surface, the art and architecture we saw was mind boggling. Speaking of mind boggling, ask Ezra about his Paris bathroom tour! What were they thinking?!

On our return flight, the captain of the airplane informed us that the hydraulics that operated the landing gear were malfunctioning. “Don’t worry, when you look outside the window and see fire trucks. The plane is designed to land without the landing gear”. As you can imagine, the airplane was charged with excitement. Flight attendants were scurrying around the plane battening down the hatches and strapping everyone in. There are a lot of ways to respond to this kind of crisis. Some people sweat, some reflect on their lives, some pray. Keith fell asleep! Really! He just closed his eyes and went off to dreamland. Obviously, everything turned out O.K. The plane landed safely and Keith woke up pleasantly surprised!

Robert redFord is still on the road, but not for long. He has passed the 520,000 mile marker and is truly showing his age. Our last Texas tour has been dubbed the Push Start Tour. At least we were in the Hill Country for part of it. Needless to say, we’re both looking forward to delivery of that new van.

Our new Kid’s album is out as of April 1. No foolin’. It’s called, “My World”. Although it’s officially a kid’s album, it may be our best all around project so far. Even mature adult Trout fans will enjoy it. It rocks!

So, we’ve often been asked about our lack of internet presence. There have been some really nice, unofficial websites created by fans and friends, but so far no official page from us. We’ve finally joined the 90’s and our web page is open. It’s still under construction, but we’d like to invite you to visit at http://www.troutmusic.com

In the future, we’ll be trying to put out an e-mail Calendar. This’ll* save paper and postage! It’s not in place yet, but you’ll be able to find out about it by accessing the web page eventually. Late-breaking Calendar additions will be posted here. As you can see from our Calendar, we’re going to be all over the place. Hopefully, we’ll be in your neighborhood soon. If not, take a break. Take a road trip. Come out and say Hi. Bring the kids Stuff. Leave the dog.

Is this’ll a proper contraction for ‘this will’? Is that’ll a proper contraction for ‘that will’?
Is Pat’ll a proper contraction for ‘row your boat’? Our e-mail address is info@troutmusic.com

Troutfully Yours,
Ezra and Keith

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