Banjos on the Moon (single)

Banjos on the Moon (single)

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It’s amazing to think that when we first started our record company, we were releasing our music on vinyl albums. We went to cassette tapes and then CDs. Now we’re seeing the release of music via the internet. The only music delivery systems we haven’t used are 78 records and wax cylinders. We’re not that old!

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Trout Fishing in America: Banjos on the Moon

Keith tells a joke: “Why aren’t there any banjos on Star Trek?…………………..Because it’s the future!” Our friend Daryl posted a photo shopped picture of an astronaut on the moon on facebook. Ezra made that picture his background on his laptop. When he showed it to Keith, Keith said, “that’s a great title for a song. Banjos on the moon!” Keith was thinking that the moon was a good start. Then you could send them to Mars and Venus and eventually the sun.

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Trout Fishing In America: The Very Best Thing

A lot of the visual imagery for this song came from looking out of a window in the fall. It’s interesting how the visuals combined with the music to make this song. Keith and Ezra play all the instruments on this cut. Keith plays electric bass and sings harmony vocals. Ezra sings the lead vocal and plays nylon string guitar, fretless guitar and percussion.

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