Seeds and Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds

Seeds and Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds

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Seeds is a live studio recording made one afternoon in July 2013 of Dana Louise and Jackson Jennings. We are so grateful to our family and friends – From Arkansas to Finland to the Azores and back – For helping us find our footing. You witnessed our beginnings and made all the difference.

Northwest-Arkansas-based band Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds recently released their self-titled debut CD on Trout Records. Fronting the band are Dana Louise on guitar and vocals and Adams Collins on vibraphone and 5-string banjo. The rhythm section is made up of Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet of the band Trout Fishing in America.

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SEEDS Song List

1. “Tied to the Sea”

2. “Forgive This Town”

3. “Good Enough”

4. “Better Off Dead”

5. “Widow’s Song”

6. “Brandywine”

7. “Bag of Hammers”


1. “All the Pretty Boys”
2. “Dust”
3. “Green Light”
4. “A Thousand Lives”
5. “Forgive This Town”
6. “Soldier’s Heart”
7. “Timber”
8′ “Buffalo Shuffle”
9. Under Water”
10. “Sweetest Thing”
11. “Goldfinch Fire”

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