My World

My World

Witty and literate songs for elementary school-age kids and their parents. This award winning release includes the original versions of My Hair Had a Party Last Night and Beans and Weenies. We have a few of these CDs left, and then the project will go to Download only through your favorite online store.



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1. My World
2. Baby’s Got The Car Keys
3. Chicken Joe
4. My Hair Had A Party Last Night
5. Hi Ho
6. Six
7. Science Fair
8. Beans And Weenies
9. Hard Ball
10. We Weary Deer
11. Back When I Could Fly

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If this doesn’t brighten your day, nothing will. The latest children’s release from acoustic Arkansan duo Trout Fishing In America continues their tradition of offering witty and literate songs for elementary school-age kids and their parents. Guitarist-vocalist Ezra Idlet and bassist-vocalist Keith Grimwood stir country, blues, folk, rock ‘n’ roll, and zydeco into a rootsy stew, brimming with delectable melodies and foot-tapping rhythms. The Trout’s fertile imagination has spawned ten distinctive cuts-plus one cover song, the clever and comical ‘Six,’–written by FamilyFun research editor Ed Kohn.

The title track hooks you immediately with its unfettered imagination:’There’s a highway where gravity stopped working/Cars and trucks are flyinghigh above the town…’ And bluesy raveup ‘Baby’s Got the Car Keys’ willelicit laughs all around. Your kids may not take to the poignantparent-to-child closing cut, ‘Back When I Could Fly,’ but just see if itdoesn’t put a lump in your throat.

–Moira McCormick


Children’s music from some grown-ups who really get it!

If you’ve been reading this column with any regularity, you may have picked up on my negative opinion of many popular, adult-oriented musical artists who try (often with little success, in my opinion) to create meaningful music for kids and families. So I thought it only fair to bring to your attention two of those rare artists/performers who can and do successfully cross that musical bridge: Trout Fishing In America and Peter Himmelman.

A favorite recording of mine from this past year is My World (Trout Records1997) …My World is their third album for children, following their award-winning and very successful 1994 release Mine! There is so much to like about My World that I hardly know where to begin. The title track is an imaginative look into that place a child sees when he stares into space, lost in his own world. Other great songs include “Six,” a hilarious performance of math problems that become increasingly complex, but all end up with the answer 6, and “Chicken Joe,” about a cat, a little dog named Miss Kitty, a parakeet named King Kong and a mule named Mister. Other standouts include the school-friendly “Science Fair” and the infectious “Beans and Weenies,” a get-up-and-dance number in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughn. The only words are a boisterous and well timed refrain, “beans and weenies!”

My World is full of great music that adults can enjoy with their children

…Fred Koch

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