Holiday Music

Holiday Music

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      "Proper Cup of Coffee" Coffee


      We got together with our local coffee shop, Arsaga's, and they have put together this delicious whole bean medium roast "Proper Cup of Coffee" coffee for us! Makes a great gift for a Trout friend who has everything or get it for yourself to enjoy. (Price includes tax and shipping)

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      Holiday Book Gift Set


      Save 25%

      Get autographed copies of both "Chicken Joe" Book/Compact Disc Sets and the Grammy Nominated "Merry Fishes to All" CD for the whole family to enjoy. "TFIA offers 'Merry Fishes' , with comic sugarplums such as 'I Got a Cheese Log'. (Parade Pick)

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      Grammy Nominated CD Set


      Get all 4 of Trout's Grammy Nominated CDs with FREE SHIPPING on this set! "My Best Day" is only available in this collection.

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      Merry Fishes To All


      Save 33%

      Grammy Nominated - "It's easy to think that this well-worn genre has used up every last possible angle. Think again; TFIA now gives us a collection of 12 rootsy, funny, lovely Christmas songs, so fresh they practically wiggle." Family Fun ON SALE!