July 2018

July is here and July is officially Birthday Month, at least as far as our wives are concerned. July of 2018 is an extra-special Birthday Month as both of our wives have reached that golden age of retirement. They have both decided to act on this retirement thing.

Karen, Ezra’s wife, has been working for Trout Fishing in America since about the time Dana was born.

Karen and Susan

Without Karen… I can’t even imagine how our career might have gone. Trout life would have been ever so chaotic over the years without her dedication and sense of organization. Thank you, Karen! She will be turning much of the business side of Trout over to our friend and new employee, Susan Billimek. Tough shoes to fill, but we are excited to have some fresh new ideas to explore. Welcome, Susan!

My wife, Beth, is retiring after 17 years at West Fork Elementary School. “Ms Beth” (as she is affectionately known in these parts) ran the computer lab and served as a crossing guard, interacting with every kid in school. She’s great with the little ones and has been a wonderful children’s advocate. But after this July birthday, most of those attentions will be redirected toward our grandkids, Jameson (age 4 years) and Willow (age 2 months). That and waiting on me, hand and foot, of course!  Congratulations, Beth. Great job!

Ezra and I are ignoring the numbers attached to our ages. We are NOT retiring. I repeat, WE ARE NOT RETIRING. In July, we have shows in Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Nevada. In August, we have shows in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania. And the Pennsylvania show is at none other than the Philadelphia Folk Festival! There are so many songs to write and sing, and record. We are embarking on a retrospective project about our 40 years of Trout. Ezra has been hard at work, putting the new recording studio together. I’ve been staying out of his way. Sometimes not helping is the biggest help. You should come out and see us if you get a chance. After all, even though we are NOT retiring, nothing lasts forever.

Troutfully yours,

Keith and Ezra

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