January/February 2018

As I begin this letter, it’s Super Bowl Sunday! I was going to write it on Groundhog Day, but when Punxsutawney Phil delivered his terrible news (I used to like groundhogs), I was just too distressed. But now it’s Super Bowl Sunday and I’m set to go. Ezra and I have radically different approaches to the game. If you ask Ezra about it, he’ll ask you who’s playing. I’m not a huge football fan, but I do know who’s playing and I’m prepared to watch. I have a giant pizza in the fridge. I have guacamole and salsa and chips. I also have carrots and celery in case I go absolutely crazy! I have cheese that I brought home from Holland and crackers that I brought home from WalMart. My Christmas Soda Stream is cranking out fizzy beverages that I will mix with fruit juices. (Some parts of my Super Bowl ritual have changed drastically in recent years). And best of all, I don’t care who wins! I pick winners so rarely that fans of both the Eagles and the Patriots have requested that I please not pull for their team so they might stand a chance.

Wheatfield Band

Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds

We’re all over the map!
At this point in the letter, I like to do a bit of an overview of upcoming gigs. I try and find a pattern I can mention, a trend, something distinctive the reader might hang onto. Instead, I encourage you to visit our calendar section for yourself as there’s no way to make sense of it in a paragraph. We have shows in Texas, Kansas, Michigan, Alabama, Florida, Colorado, and California coming up with Trout Fishing in America, Dana Louise, and even a few Wheatfield shows in March. These are wonderful venues with many really cool people like yourself. Come on out and meet them and hear our music.

We had a lovely 2-week trip to The Netherlands playing music with Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds. For our most awesome gig, we played inside a windmill. Loved visiting Amsterdam. Dutch cheese rocks! I loved the raw herring, while Ezra preferred the pickled herring. We got to visit several fantastic museums and even some creepy abandoned WWII Nazi bunkers along the Atlantic Wall. To close the letter, we’d like to thank Ian for a couple of jokes he sent to us. Q- What time do ducks get up? A- At the quack of dawn. AND – Have you read the book on anti-gravity? It’s impossible to put down. Thanks Ian! We needed that!

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