October 2017


Dear Fisherfolk,

There are a lot of strong opinions being bandied about these days. People seem to be lining up on opposite sides of so many issues. Trout has rarely taken sides on important issues, but it seems not only appropriate, but important to take a stand right now. OKRA! Some folks love it and others hate it. We’re here to tell you that if you haven’t tried roasted okra, you just don’t know how good okra can taste. Here’s a recipe to try out in your kitchen that we’re pretty sure will change your mind and open your heart to this incredibly tasty veggie.

Roasted Okra
preheat oven to 475

Okra is best when it’s fresh and about two inches long. Select enough okra to fill a cookie sheet. Cut the tops off of the okra pods and put the trimmed pieces in a bowl. Pour about a tablespoon of olive oil over the okra pods and toss until the oil lightly covers all of them. Line the cookie sheet with aluminum foil for easy clean up and place the okra on the cookie sheet. Lightly sprinkle the okra with Cajun seasoning (your choice) as if you were sprinkling it with salt. Place in oven for seven minutes. After the first seven minutes, turn the okra over and sprinkle lightly with Cajun seasoning and put it back in the oven for seven more minutes. We’re told this recipe also works extremely well with brussell sprouts. If you decide to try the sprouts, cut them in half and follow the directions above.

Heading to LA, TX, PA,WV with our new release!

We released our latest “adult” CD, The Strangest Times, in the spring. The album is a return to the stripped down sound of Trout as a duo. There are 11 new original songs and one cover tune (by BW Stevenson). Part of the fun of recording our new project was allowing ourselves to play instruments that we generally haven’t featured on stage. Since the album has come out, Ezra has been playing bouzouki at our shows to perform a couple of new songs. Keith is taking a giant step and is now playing fiddle for a couple of new tunes as well! After 41 years of working together, we’re still breaking new ground and loving what we do. We hope to see you out there on the road.




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  1. Brian says:

    The most beautiful picture I have ever seen

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