Dear Fisherfolk – New music video!

Trout has a new video! We recently got with Jason Miller out at the Red Barn Studio in Johnson, AR and recorded a couple of our new songs. It’s a great studio space and we’ve been intending to do something there for a long time. Check it out and you’ll see (and hear) why! This month we’d like to present the title cut from our newest CD. It’s called “The Strangest Times”. Great job, Jason! We hope you all enjoy it!

We’re Heading East!
July 2017 found us traveling some of the western United States of CO, AZ, CA, and NV. In August of 2017, we will be touring some of the eastern United States. The trip opens with a visit to The Towne Crier in Beacon, NY. Our friend and club owner, Phil Ciganer, moved The Towne Crier from Pawling to Beacon a few of years ago. He always provides a great music venue. Then both Trout Fishing in America and Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds stop in at the lovely Mohonk Mountain House just outside of New Paltz, NY. This magnificent resort must be experienced to be believed and is one of our favorite places to play. A few years ago, we were inspired to write a little song called A Lovely Day at Mohonk. Here’s the 1st verse to give you an idea what you might expect.

It’s a lovely day at Mohonk by the lake up in the sky.
It’s a lovely day at Mohonk to watch the clouds roll by.
I hiked up on the mountain, I even climbed the tower,
I used to take the labyrinth, but now I’m just too tired.
Strolling in the meadow, boating on the lake.
Summer houses on the trails, if a rest you need to take.
There’s peace out in the garden and ancient, spreading trees,
History in the hallways and the mountains roll like seas.

You can follow along with the Trout calendar as we head to some big shows in PA, NY, WV and NC before returning to Fayetteville, AR for our Glorious Birds show at the Roots Festival with Ezra’s daughter, Dana Louise.


That may seem like plenty to most of you, but we are barely getting started folks! Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance Music Festival is coming up in September. Talk about one of our favorite places to play! Try picturesque Taos, NM in Kit Carson Park with some of the best musical acts you’ve ever heard. The Glorious Birds are scheduled to play on September 7th and the Trout show is set for September 9th. Ezra also plans on sitting in with anyone who will let him play. And Keith is ready to dance with anyone who will dance with him. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the new video and have a great rest of the Summer!




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