July 2017

Keith and Ezra Trout Fishing

We just passed a sign on the road that advertised antiques and live music. Kinda makes you think, or at least wonder if those two words really belong together. In our case, maybe.  We fit both categories!


As musicians, we live counterflow. When most people are going to work, we are sleeping. While you’re sleeping, often we’re on the highways making our way from town to town. It’s summer and that’s when a lot of folks take their vacations. Trout and the Glorious Birds will be hopping from one side of the country to the other plying our trade. For those of you who live out west, Trout and Birds will be pairing up for shows in Los Angeles CA, Altadena CA, Reno NV, and Berkeley CA. There will be a stop in Okoboji IA as the Glorious Birds. We’ll head down to TX for a series of shows before we take a trip out east to New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and North Carolina. All of this road work leads up to the Fayetteville Roots Festival in AR. There is much more specific info to be had on our calendar. (Photo below by Jeremy Scott)
If you like antiques or live music or both, we’d sure love to see you.
Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra


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2 Responses to July 2017

  1. B says:

    Beautiful picture Airstream and don’t forget to sign it when you both are there.

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