April 2016

Dear Fisherfolk,

Webster Dictionary

It’s been a while since we mentioned this, but there’s an interesting fact that very few people seem to know. The word, “gullible” is not to be found in any English dictionary. It’s a strange oversight by the compilers of words and definitions. It seems that the word was published in an early version of the Oxford dictionary and back in the 1800’s the word, “gullible” was printed in an early Webster’s dictionary, but for some reason, it’s been left out of subsequent editions. Really. Look it up!


The redbud trees are lighting up the woods here in Arkansas. Soon, the dogwoods and may apples will be out. That means that the elusive and delicious morel mushrooms will be making their appearance. It takes the right combination of cold and warm and wet to make a great crop. Ezra will be combing the woods looking for morels in his spare time. Shortly after the morel season, it’ll be time for chanterelles. The Grimwoods have an annual fruiting that they share with their mushroom hungry friends!


This summer makes 40 years that Keith and Ezra have been writing songs and playing music together. We’ve played with many different combinations of musicians. These days you can catch us in several different bands. You have the basic Trout Fishing in America. You can also catch us with Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds and the group, Wheatfield. We’ll be performing at the Kerrville Folk Festival in June with all three bands! Check our calendar to see when one or more of these groups will be in your neighborhood. For you Arkansas folks, you have the additional opportunity to hear us with the Outliers from time to time. Thanks to all of you who read this newsletter and support us in so many ways. We’re pretty lucky to still be doing what we do.

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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2 Responses to April 2016

  1. Rocky Hughes says:

    Hey Fish Dudes, Gullible? I pondered, I cogitated, I experienced an excitation of the intellect and deduced that I would be a credulous,unworldly,dupable fish that swallow hook line and sinker the gullible ploy. It therefore behooved me to act with adroitness & circumspection. Gullible was found in Random House Dict.(Amer)& Collins English Dict.(British). Swagalatabeleti is not in any dictionary. Peace, Rocky

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