February 2014

Mountain of snow

Just a few short days ago, Ezra was commenting to me that this had been a mild winter. I quickly pointed out to him that he was in sunny Canada for those 8 days I was iced in at home with no kitty litter at the beginning of the year. I also pointed out that winter is not over yet. Now Punxsutawney Phil agrees with that assessment and says we’ve got 6 more weeks to go. It was 0 degrees in West Fork, AR this morning and I’m looking at about 4 inches of white stuff in the yard. Mild winter, indeed. We have been lucky with our shows. It seems like the bad weather stops every time we play. We sure hope that pattern continues a bit longer. Maybe we should play more shows next winter!

Ezra writing here:
It really felt like a milder winter to me when I said that to Keith. I spoke too soon! Right now, freezing rain is covering yesterday’s snow. Assuming that the roads are clear and we are able to travel to Dallas this weekend, we have a special event lined up at Poor David’s Pub. First we do a children’s concert in the afternoon and that is always fun.

airloom promo

Then the duo, Air Loom is opening for us at our evening show. Air Loom is Jackson Jennings and Dana Idlet. Ezra’s daughter, Dana, is now writing and performing music for a living.  She and Jackson are making some great music these days and we’re really looking forward to having them with us in Dallas and a couple of other upcoming dates in Little Rock and Ft. Smith, AR. You don’t want to miss these shows. We are heading back to Midland, TX to perform for our friends at Camp Fire USA. These are fabulous people who do great work with the kids in their community. And the Yucca Theatre is a true classic! It’s a wonderful concert we look forward to every year.

Keith writing here:
Craig Calvert has been visiting this past week. He and Ezra have been mixing the new Wheatfield CD that we’ve been threatening to release for the past couple of years. Wheatfield is the band Ezra was playing with when I first met him. It includes Connie Mims and Craig Calvert. Great writers, great singers, wonderful musicians. The three of them had a reunion concert awhile back and decided they really needed a bass player.

OMNI 2010 and Wedding 190

So, I’m the ‘new guy’ in the band. We’ve done quite a few shows together over the past few years, but decided to take a bit of a break until we finished this CD of all new material. 12 fine original songs, beautifully performed. I’ve been listening to them non-stop and I love it. We’ll let you know when it’s ready, but know that it’s close!

Stay warm, but come out to see us at our shows. It’s the only way we can slow this ‘mild’ winter down!

Troutfully yours,
Ezra and Keith

P.S.  It’ll probably be warmer here on February 23rd. At least we hope so! We’ll be at the Jewish Community Center in Jacksonville, FL for a Family concert.

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