May 2013

For some reason, maybe the weather, maybe the coffee, joy seems to be the word that comes to mind at the moment. Sure, there are lots of distractions from joy, but there are a whole bunch of opportunities for finding it as well. It can be as simple as mowing your lawn and smelling the fresh cut grass and seeing the trimmed edges framing the green grass. It can be as common as people holding hands, laughing, singing, talking with each other. This week we’ve had some time off from the road and have had a chance to pursue some of the things that bring us joy. Keith is in Louisiana attending the Dewey Balfa Cajun and Creole Heritage Week. He’s brought his fiddle and is immersing himself in Louisiana music and culture. Ezra has been alternately in the recording studio playing drums and in the woods cutting firewood for next winter. Sounds like work, but it’s joyful work.
Honored with an Award
We mentioned on Facebook recently that we had been awarded the 2013 Coleen Salley Storytelling Award.Coleen Sallie award We traveled to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to receive the award and to play for the event. We met a passionate group of people involved in telling stories to children. From authors to librarians to illustrators, the people we met were inspirational. Thanks so much to the folks at the Fay B. Kaigler Children’s Book Festival for bringing us to this event.
Dates Near You!
We’re about to seriously hit the road again. If you’re looking for a little extra joy in your life, come out and see us. It’ll make us all happier. We’ll be in New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Arkansas and Texas in the next few weeks! Take a look at our calendar for dates near you. We’ll see you there.

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

Keith brought the acoustic upright bass on our Texas tour. Thanks Gene for this photo.
©Gene Moore Photographic Partners Keith playing acoustic upright bass


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