March 2013

March, magnificent March! Spring begins! In Texas, the rosebuds are already blooming. In Arkansas, daffodils sing out with their sunshine yellow flowers. Robins are dancing on lawns across the country. The forecast calls for green and warm. Our gardens, like Sirens, call for us to return. four leaf cloverThe traditional planting of potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day will have to wait a day until the 18th. Four leaf clover On the 17th we have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day Children’s concert scheduled at Poor David’s Pub in Dallas, Texas as a part of their Anniversary Celebration. Riddle question – Why should you never iron a 4-leaf clover? Think about it… The answer can be found later in this newsletter, so keep reading.

Baseball Keith   For many of us, Spring marks the beginning of Baseball Season. Sadly, this year Keith has decided to give up his Baseball addiction. Baseball Keith at 8 He started early as a baseball fan and always wanted to either play bass or baseball. Being vertically challenged, the bass won out. Still, he has suffered patiently with his beloved Houston Astros yearly since 1962. (accuracy note: yes, they were the Colt .45’s in the early years!) Now that the Astro’s have been ejected from the National League and relocated to the AL West, his heart is broken and he’s had enough. (note from Keith: Real men bat for themselves…) So in protest, he’s giving up baseball cold turkey. Please be kind and patient with him in his suffering and encourage his speedy recovery.
What’s ahead?
Luckily we have lots of music on the calendar to keep us good and busy. In the next 3 months we’ve got concerts scheduled in 11 states – AR, CA, MS, MT, NC, NJ, OH, OK, PA, TX, and VA. Riddle Answer – Because you don’t want to press your luck! Did you get it right? The sun is shining. Spring forward. Don’t forget that Daylight Savings time begins March 10th. Spring into action. Spring into life. Come out and say hello at a Trout show.

Troutfully Yours,
Keith and Ezra

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