February 2013

(Ezra writing here:) Karen and I are in Hungary visiting our son Steven. He’s in his rookie season as a professional basketball player. He’s been in Europe for 5 months and it feels so good to talk face to face. Skype has been a big help for staying in touch, but nothing compares to being in the same place. Steven has been showing us around his world. He took us to dinner in Budapest at one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve ever been to. The menu was absolutely delicious.  The most fascinating item on the menu was goose liver ice cream over toasted egg bread, served with vanilla balsamic vinegar! That sounds like a song. We got to see a basketball game and Steven’s team won. This is definitely the furthest we’ve ever traveled to watch him play.

We’re Not a Household Name
There are so many people in this world! Can you believe most of them haven’t heard of Trout Fishing in America? At our shows we often ask the question, “How many of you are seeing us for the very first time?” After 37 years of playing music together, it always feels good to see folks raise their hands each night. It’s also amazing to go places we’ve never been and meet people that have grown up on our music. We just played with the Billings Symphony Orchestra, our first time ever in Billings, Montana. Prepared for frigid Billings symphony temperatures and piles of snow, we were greeted by warm weather and a very warm audience. Along with many first-timers, there were also a surprising number of long time Trout fans in attendance. We even met a young man who had found our music in a library when he was a child. He fell in love with it and credited us as the reason he learned to play bass. (note: We apologize to his parents) Seeing the excitement of a first time audience and feeling the love of long time fans keeps us pretty happy.
“Whitey Ford” hits the road
We’re about to take our maiden voyage in our new van, “Whitey Ford” . We are driving to Midland, Texas. Just a little over a year ago we took our last trip to Midland driving a rented van. Stretch, our old van, had been stolen with all of our gear. That sounds like a song! Keith and Ezra in back of Mr. Ford It’s time to get acquainted with Mr. Ford. We plan to read the owner’s manual for our super advanced music and GPS system. It has a backup camera too! Keith doesn’t like having it on while we’re driving forward though. He says the past is disappearing fast enough without it.
Our calendar this month takes us to new places as well as old places. We’re looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Word of mouth is still our best advertising. If you know someone who lives near a place we’re playing, tell them to come out or bring them with you.

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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