October 2012

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

The heat has finally broken. Still no frost in Arkansas, but the chilly morning temperatures are a welcome relief from the crushing heat of this summer. The smell of coffee dominates the house this morning. We have a couple more ‘lazy days’ here before we get busy with October. Poor David’s Pub, The Red River Revel (Hear the song), Clayton NM, Dumas TX, Martinsville VA, Manassas VA and Branchburg NJ. And don’t forget the Eureka Springs, AR Folk festival in early November. We’ll be doing some flying, but for most dates we’ll be driving our van, Stretch, who’s closing in on 500,000 miles very quickly.

Half a million miles seems like a good time to retire a vehicle and get a new one, especially since the brakes completely went out yesterday!

Keith and Ezra were two very different kinds of students. Keith has a degree in music and Ezra dropped out of college to play music. Ezra is always quick to point out that he and Keith have the same job! Joan Hollier, Ezra’s English teacher from high school, had a big family reunion recently. Trout was invited to perform, but our schedule kept us from making it. Ezra wrote a song and made a video for his favorite English teacher. She was a great teacher who challenged her students and treated them with respect. Ezra made lousy grades in her class, but the true measure of her teaching can be found in his love for words and communication.

We love communicating with you. Our letters are a bit of a journal as to where we are, what we’re doing, and how we’re feeling. Thanks for reading the letters and coming out to the shows. It is an amazing feeling to be talking to the children of children we played for years ago. Some of you have a long history with us and others are just finding us. Check out this adorable video from a young fan! No matter how long you’ve been a Trout fan, thanks. We’ll be seeing you sooner than later.

Troutfully Yours,
Keith and Ezra

PS. Honey, I shrunk the bass!


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