March 2012

‘Stretch’ has returned! The Houston Police Department found our missing van in a lot with a couple of other stolen vehicles. Our old friends at Remmert’s Automotive in the Heights fixed him up and Keith drove him back to Arkansas. Of course almost all of the musical equipment, Ro Bear, the juggling gear, and even Keith’s boots were gone. They did leave some things. They apparently did not like the Trout CDs or any music we listen to in the van. They did take kids T-shirts and Chicken Joe books. Go figure… The thieves unsuccessfully tried to pry a speaker out of the van, and left us their pry bar.
We have been performing an informal exorcism ritual on Stretch to get rid of all of the bad vibes. He’s been cleaned, washed, polished, and given an oil change. Over 467,000 miles on the odometer and he’s never been cleaner or more appreciated!

Before any of this happened, we suspected that our friends and fans were some of the finest people on the planet. Now we know it’s true. The outpouring of sympathy, love, and support has been awesome! The good people in the world still outnumber the bad. People everywhere have offered assistance of every kind. Our Facebook page has been full of messages of encouragement. Jim Scoggan has provided Keith with a bass bow. JT Huff supplied a PA system. Presidential Conversions supplied a van for our trip to Midland. The number of Teddy Bear offerings alone is enough to choke anybody up. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! We do have spare amps and instruments and we’re getting more. And we do have a new Teddy Bear. His name is Charles Beary. We call him Chuck for short. He would love to meet you.

After a bit of time off for recovery, Trout is about to get into full swing again. We have upcoming shows in AR, CA, IN, all over LA, MD, TX, VA (with our good friends at Center Stage), and many more. Come out to Poor David’s Pub in Dallas for their Anniversary Celebration. Be an April Fool with us at the Mucky Duck in Houston. Festival Season is on the horizon, leading off with Jiggle Jam in Kansas City, Riverfest in Little Rock, and The Kerrville Folk Festival.
Keith would like to wish his Mom a Happy 90th Birthday on March 7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra


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