February 2012

UPDATE: The police found the van with two other stolen vehicles in an apartment parking lot on the east side of Houston off I10. It was a mess inside, and all the instruments are gone, but they left a couple mic stands. After a repair to the door lock and steering column at Remmerts in the Houston Heights – where we use to take “Robert RedFord”, “Stretch” is back home. 


We’re just back from what should have been a great trip to Texas. Our performances and workshops with Trout and Wheatfield went even better than expected. It would have been the perfect trip, except that our van and all of its contents were stolen!  Imagine the surprise and shock when Keith went out to the parking lot of the hotel and there was no van waiting. We’re still coming up with things that are missing as a result of the theft. At first, it was just the instruments that we were thinking about. Then we thought about the PA and the amplifiers. Our dolly (Salvadore) was in the back of the truck. There were boxes of t-shirts and CDs.
   We came to grips with all of this. Then we remembered, Ro Bear!!!!!!! They got Ro Bear!!!! What a surprise for Ro, when he woke up from his overnight hibernation to strangers pawing through his home. We can see him summarily lifted from his box of cables and tossed aside as the thieves dug through looking for valuables. Those bad people had no idea who they were leaving behind.  
   The outpouring of love and support from our friends and fans has been overwhelming. Pictures of our instruments have been shared on Facebook and across the web. Our friend Chris Hirsch (banjo player extraordinaire) created a web page for our instruments. Folks from all over have offered to lend us equipment including a box van to drive around in! We do have insurance on most of our stuff and our van. In the long run, it is only stuff. Special stuff to be sure, but we know that whatever instruments we play, through whatever amps and PA we play through, it will still be us.
   A lot of you have asked us how you can help us through this. The best thing you could do is to come out to our shows and enjoy the music. If you bought CDs and t-shirts for yourselves and your friends, we all win. Our next gig is Saturday, Feb 4th, in Bartlett, TN at the Bartlett Performing Arts Center. After that, we’ll be at the Yucca Theater in Midland, TX.

   Something that’s totally getting lost with the stolen stuff news is that Ezra went on a guided fishing trip in south Texas and caught some, “epic” speckled trout! Thanks to Jay Watkins for putting us where the fish were!

Troutfully yours,

Keith and Ezra

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16 Responses to February 2012

  1. Don Rylander(St Pete, Fl) says:

    Hey Guys, sorry to hear about ur van, hope ya get it back, been waiting for you to get back to St Petersburg and Tampa for a few years now! have a 6 year old grandaughter who would have a hoot at one of your shows! take care and be well

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Don, we are hopeful too about getting stuff back. Trout misses St Pete and Tampa (Skippers Smokehouse) too! Maybe this year, or before your grandaughter is a teenager.

  2. HI Keith and Ezra, there is a special hell for people who steal instruments. If there is any justice, they will never be able to dance again, the music god curse will be upon them. The only positive thing will be the exciting,new design that will be created on your new guitar. Art triumphs over all. Connie

  3. The Benson’s are so sad for all of your lovely instruments- and Ro Bear!! We are thinking of you in snowy Ontario!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Christine and all you Bensons. We are hopeful they are found because they are so unique. In the meantime, we replace what we can. Great to hear from you and we send big warm hugs!

  4. Michael Webb says:

    You guys have given our family plenty of smiles & laughs. THANKS!!! Hopeing it all comes back to you double.

  5. Greg L says:


    they cant steal your music!..
    thanks Greg

    • Karen says:

      So true Greg! Here’s what the Trouts said in their email newsletter -“Special stuff stolen to be sure, but we know that whatever instruments we play, through whatever amps and PA we play through, it will still be us.”

      • Dan Thurston says:

        I just got into KC this morning around 5:30 after working home from Des Moines, Iowa and turned on the radio for the drive home. A program was on that I hadn’t heard before called “The Art of Song”. While I have heard of your band, I regretfully had never heard any of your music until this morning. I love it! Driving into a beautiful sunrise & hearing you play & discuss your songs etc., was so cool it just made my morning. Before I lost the station (I drive 100 miles) they mentioned this show was a repeat and said why. For what it’s worth, I’ll be placing an order after I get some sleep! Nothing much worse than lowlife thieves in my book. Hang in there and never let the music stop!!!

        • Karen says:

          Thanks Dan, really glad you caught this gem of a program.(Artofthesong.org) You are on the road the same time we are often on the road. We appreciate the thoughts and that you took the time to write us!

  6. Richsrd & Sunnie Baldwin says:

    We have not been able to see
    Your show scence Beaumont
    And the golden triangle days.
    Back then it was the red van.
    Best of luck from us
    Rick& Sunnie Baldwin

  7. Sylvia Pesek says:

    Oh, dadgummit! Sorry guys, I just found out about the theft. Poor Ro-Bear! I will be ordering more stuff, for sure. Everything I’ve ever gotten from you guys found loving and appreciative homes. I remember when I used to go to Corky’s to hear y’all, then at Kerrville, Corpus Christi (when I lived in Victoria) and most recently in El Dorado a couple of years ago. Time to re-connect!
    Love, hugs and music and hopes that Ro-Bear is loved and happy somewhere.

    • Karen says:

      Very happy you are reconnecting Sylvia. Corky’s…so you go back to the early days of Trout! We appreciate you thinking of Trout and hope to see you at a show.

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