January 2012

Dear Fisherfolk,
Happy New Year!! It will be 2012 or almost 2012 by the time you get this. We are writing it a bit early as we head into our Christmas holiday season. Keith and his family will be driving to Houston tomorrow. Wait a minute!! If you won’t read this until later, all this will have already happened! It’s sort of like writing in time-travel talk. Predicting the future… anything is possible! Would you believe Keith bought a lottery ticket in Texas and is now a billionaire. He plans on continuing playing with TFIA because he can’t think of anything else he’d rather do.
Ezra and his family had a fabulous holiday gathering at home. Santa Claus was going to bring Ezra an extra 10 hours a day to add to his time, but Ezra couldn’t decide what he wanted to do with them. So Santa gave them all to Keith instead. Keith will need the extra time to spend all his extra money. Seriously, we hope you all have a great holiday season and have a Happy New Year to come.
Two New Downloads
You might have overeaten this holiday season, but we have new “bytes” for you to chew! We’re releasing two new Trout songs digitally. We recorded “Banjos on the Moon” and “The Very Best Thing.”
You can download these tasty bytes via CDbaby.com now or in a few days try iTunes or your favorite download site. There will be no messy wrapper to struggle with when opening. No plastic was harmed and no trees were used in the production of these songs. It’s amazing to think that when we first started our record company, we were releasing our music on vinyl albums. We went to cassette tapes and then CDs. Now we’re seeing the release of music via the internet. The only music delivery systems we haven’t used are 78 records and wax cylinders. We’re not that old!
Plenty to do, not enough time
The Christmas tree is still up in the Idlet house. Not so much because we’re hanging on to Christmas, but more because we just haven’t gotten around to doing it. Looking at the tree brings back memories of what we’ve just been through. There were some joyful moments and some stressful moments. It’s a good thing that none of those moments last forever. It’s the contrast that gives this life its texture and beauty. “Nothing lasts forever and forever don’t last long” (from our song “Spider’s Fence” – which Ezra is working up on the banjo!) We’ll get around to putting the ornaments and lights in boxes and storing the tree ’til next year soon enough. There’s always plenty to do and never enough time to do it all. Even if what you’re doing is goofing off!

Troutfully yours,

Ezra and Keith

Keith and Ezra proudly use Elixir Strings

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