Dear Fisherfolk

WE HAVE BIG NEWS! September 6th marks the official release date of our new children’s book/CD “Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important.”

Mark the date on your calendar so you won’t forget something important! In case you don’t know already, Chicken Joe is Keith’s oldest and smartest cat. He got his name because he sleeps in the hen house, not because he’s cowardly. Published by The Secret Mountain, the book is beautifully illustrated by Stephane Jorisch. The CD includes our reading of the story and 11 new Trout tunes. Many release party events have been scheduled for September and October. They include radio broadcasts, a showcase at Symphony Space in New York City, a concert in Houston at the Mucky Duck, appearances in bookstores like Barnes and Noble, Nightbird Books, and That Bookstore in Blytheville. Check our calendar for dates and times. On a side note, the real Chicken Joe is demanding extra rations. Cats can be extremely demanding!

We were stuck in a traffic jam in New York City a few years ago. As we watched the hundreds of people in their cars beside us we realized that most of them had never heard of us our our music. That was a pretty amazing feeling. There are just so many people in this country! That being said, it’s equally amazing how many people have heard us. It’s always a pleasant surprise to have someone we don’t know walk up to us and tell us how much they have enjoyed our music through the years. It used to be that we’d buy albums, play them for our friends and talk about the music. It seems these days that the paradigm has shifted. People share videos and “like” them or comment on them. This month we have two new videos for you to watch, share and comment on. We did a video interview here in AR for the new release, “Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important.” You might enjoy watching this and perhaps forwarding it to your friends who’ve never heard of us.

We also did a music video with our friends Montie and Jayna. It’s a song from our CD “Lookin’ at Lucky.”
\”The Car\’s Running\”
It’s our first step into making music videos and we’d love for you to post your comments on Youtube and share this with friends.

Trout also has a bit of frightening news. Keith has taken up the violin. Why? Why? Why? Isn’t life difficult enough? Perhaps it’s some sort of retaliation for Ezra’s banjo playing. Anyway, Keith is having lots of fun. He tried practicing outdoors for a while until he noticed the For Sale sign on his neighbor’s lawn. He showed his violin to the guy at the music store who quickly recommended a mute. Oddly, Chicken Joe seems to be the only animal that actually enjoys Keith’s fiddle playing.

Troutfully yours,

Ezra and Keith

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