June 2011

June 1 marked the 19th anniversary of the Grimwoods arrival in West Fork, AR. They left the Kerrville Folk Festival, drove to Houston, packed everything they owned and moved. Keith has always been a city guy and the move was surprising to everyone who knew him. The family arrived with 3 cats in tow, no tools, and a car that wouldn’t start again if you turned off the engine. When they arrived, they found 3 other cats living at their new residence. Introductions were tense. A day later it rained heavily and kittens started falling off the roof. Yes, it was raining cats, but not dogs. 4 kittens rained from the roof and the alarming cat total was suddenly 10. Since moving to Arkansas the cat total has ranged from 7 to 17. The current count stands at 9. When Keith cleared the field next to the house he found a Cadillac. No kidding. You may have heard Jeff Foxworthy’s bit about “You may be a redneck if you mow your lawn and find a Cadillac…” Well, there it was. For years Keith wandered around humming the Green Acres theme song. Currently he owns several tools and knows how to use some of them.
Time to Get Out!
All you have to do to know that summer is here is open your door and walk outside. If you walk outside and don’t know where to go, take a copy of our newsletter with you. We have several great ideas for holiday plans. We highly recommend the Colorado train ride in late June and early July. This is awesome! We did it last year and fell in love. Never been to Manitoba? Get your passport ready and head to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. We’ve played there 3 times in past years and it is wonderful! We’ll be passing through 10 states in the next 3 months – PA, KS, TX, TN, CO, OH, CT, NY, AR, LA! If your state isn’t listed, why not? Hey Idaho. Where ya at?

Send us your pictures

Through the years we’ve received quite a few pictures of people whose hair is having a party. This has been a touching glimpse into the generally unseen lives of our fans. It takes a lot of courage to reveal the wild and unusual shapes our hair makes, but it can be cathartic! How freeing to know that your hair can be totally messy and people will still love you, perhaps even love you more. We’d like to give you all an opportunity to share and bond with others who have this common experience. If you happen to have pictures that you would be willing to share of your hair having a party, we’d love to post them on our website and facebook. Send to karen@troutmusic.com

Troutfully yours,

Ezra and Keith

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