May 2011

   So what’s up with this weather? It’s about the strangest spring we can remember. We played a show in New Jersey last week and they had a flood. Major streets were under water and closed. We had an exciting time trying to get back to our hotel after the show. In stunning contrast, the next day was bright, shiny, and perfect. Two days later we flew home to Arkansas, arriving just in time for a huge storm with baseball-sized hail! Someone posted pictures of people juggling hail. We hope Mother Nature is getting it all out of her system so we can have a great late spring and summer!

Cove Creek flooding near Ezra’s place

   On April 28th, Keith’s Mom and Dad will be celebrating their 67th wedding anniversary.Jim and Hilda Grimwood Wow and congratulations! In all those years of living together, you can bet they have learned to share. Hey, we have a song about sharing. It’s called Mine. Many of you heard it playing on NPR’s show “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me”. Thanks for the letters and comments. Mine also made an appearance in a movie short by Greg Thompson. The film is called Mine. We’ve got some really great shows coming up in the next 2 months and you don’t want to miss them. We’ve got some new songs we’d like to share with you.

Poetry Corner – Here’s a little poem Robert redFord would like to share with you. Robert was our old truck, he was a red Ford. 

A Forgettable Day

It was a forgettable day, nothing to remember,
   No tragedies or miseries to mark it on the page.
A forgettable few hours, touched and tossed away.
   Nothing scary, nothing hairy, minutes filled with ordinary.
It was a forgettable day, nothing too exciting,
   No hospitals or catastrophes to mark it on the page.
Remarkably predictable, like thousands I can’t recall.
   My favorite kind of day, a special sort of day,
      A perfect day I won’t remember at all.

 Troutfully yours,

Ezra and Keith

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