March 2011

Dear e-Fisherfolk,
We are enjoying a lovely Spring day in Arkansas. Rows of daffodils are blooming along the road. Peeper frogs have started singing at night. What an amazing contrast to just a couple of weeks ago when we had record-setting snow over a foot deep and temperatures down to 17 below zero! Kyle Kellams, one of our local radio personalities at KUAF, went outside and repeated the trick seen on Youtube of tossing boiling water into the air. It turns into a snow cloud. To see Kyle, facebook users can watch here!

Last week in Austin, TX we got to attend the Austin Jugglefest. People of all ages came from around the world to juggle a wide variety of objects. Clubs were passed, torches were tossed, unicycles were pedaled, wires were walked, and coins were competitively juggled. Ezra on the tightropeIn the coin juggling competition, the last person to remain juggling gets to keep all of the dropped coins. The hitch is that the winner has to pick them all up. Here’s a hint for aspiring coin jugglers. Dollar coins are the easiest to juggle. Of course you stand to lose more money if you drop. Hey, wait a minute. Maybe they just told us that to increase their winnings.

Above is a photo from friend Deborah Campbell of Ezra on the tightrope.

We’re excited about the new dates popping up on our calendar. Some are new faces and some are old friends. We’ll be in Newark, OH and Westfield, NJ for the first time. We return to Dallas, TX, Springdale, AR, Stillwater, OK, Macomb, IL and New Hope, PA. We also look forward to returning to Spring Gulch and Kerrville Folk Festivals.

Poor David’s Pub in Dallas is celebrating its 33rd anniversary this year. They’ve been at it as long as we have! We’ll be doing an afternoon kid’s show and an evening adult concert there just next week. It’s funny to think that some of the parents at that kid’s show might not even have been born when we started playing together. But no matter how old or young you are, come out to see us when we come through your neighborhood. You’ll be glad you did.

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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3 Responses to March 2011

  1. MikeW says:

    In 1979/1980 I saw you guys in a concert at my school. 30 years later my daughter is a huge fan and her first concert will be in Dallas. We are driving in from Houston so the anticipation will be killing her. Guys she cried when we told her we were taking her. In one ten year old’s eyes you are the Beatles. Two generations of fans, pretty cool. I can’t thank you enough for letting me share this with her. MikeW

  2. MikeW says:

    Guys, you made her day. That was a fantastic concert. Since she was a baby I sang her to sleep with Lullabye. She was crying and hugging me through that song. That was one of those moments being a father which I will hold on to forever. Thank you so very much. From St Thomas Moore to Poor David’s Pub been one fun ride. MikeW

    • Karen says:

      Hi Mike,
      Glad you and your daughter had a great adventure. Trout’s “Lullaby” is truly an incredible song and it is great to see so many families share it. We appreciate your comments!

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