April 2010

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

Spring officially began on March 20th, but it took a little longer to arrive in Arkansas this year. On March 20th, we had a foot of snow here in the Ozarks. Imagine our surprise. But now the real spring has finally happened! Flowers are blooming, temperatures are delightful, and there’s pollen all over everything. In celebration, we’ve started digging in our gardens. There are three nesting pairs of Canadian geese on the Idlets’ ponds. Ezra had an exciting encounter with a very protective male goose. Nobody got hurt, but there was a serious discussion about ownership and fishing rights! Detente was reached and Ezra now takes a wide path around the nest when he wants to fish the pond. We did get some pictures of the goose nest however!

It’s a different story at the Grimwood house; different birds to deal with. Chickens love to dig. They like it even more when Keith does the digging. Because of his digging, Keith has become King of the Chickens. His neighbor’s chickens follow him everywhere he goes, including his living room.


The Next CD
We’re currently working on our next “Adult” CD. There needs to be a better word to describe a project that’s not specifically a “Children’s” album. Imagine going to the “Adult” section of a record store. You might want to wear a disguise. For that matter, imagine going to a record store. This world is changing fast, but we digress. Our new CD is growing in our studio here in Arkansas. Thanks to our rapidly changing world, we’re able to record with friends in different locations around the country without having to travel there! Besides playing our normal instruments, Keith has been adding some keyboard parts and Ezra has been adding percussion, bouzouki and banjo parts. Keith insisted that banjo be included in the “abnormal” instrument list.

The Roots Booking Agency
After twenty years of being booked and managed by Dick Renko of Muzik Management, Dick is closing the booking arm of his business. Together we are extremely proud to announce Trout Fishing in America will join the world renowned Roots Agency roster. We join Richie Havens, Susan Werner, Vance Gilbert and John Gorka, among other great artists, represented by The Roots Agency. Dick remains our manager and we are all thrilled to have TFIA represented by the Roots Agency. Speaking of bookings, they’re starting to pick up again as we head towards summer. Check out our calendar and make plans to come on out for some Trout.

Troutfully yours,

Keith and Ezra

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