September 2009

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

It’s September and the heat of summer is finally loosening it’s grip. We are just about ready to head to Taos, New Mexico and these milder temperatures have reminded Ezra to bring some pants this time. When we played Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance Festival in Taos last year, we didn’t know what to expect. Temperatures in the mountains went down to the high 30’s and we were performing outside… at night! Ezra had only shorts. Keith had long pants but no coat, so he wasn’t in much better shape. It was obvious from our attire that we weren’t locals. This year we’re gonna be prepared like a couple of good Boy Scouts. We’re also set to have some fun because this is a fine festival with lots of great music.

Garden Production
Ezra has been making Louisiana style hot sauce from the veggies in his garden. He’s been working hard, perfecting his recipe. We had a bit of it for lunch yesterday and it’s very tasty, full-bodied with both heat and flavor. Keith’s soybeans have been harvested, cooked, and frozen. The ‘taters have been dug, the ‘maters have been picked. Next on both of our lists is putting up firewood for the winter. It’s always something.

If you look at your calendar, you’ll notice that after our September date in Calgary, Alberta, most of our shows are down here in the south. There are good reasons for that. Snow and ice, just to mention a couple. There are some notable exceptions, like a couple of dates in Pennsylvania and even a New Year’s Eve return to Ocean City, New Jersey. But we checked and the weather man says there’s a 50% chance that it won’t freeze on those days. Honest. Wanna buy a state?

Summer Review
We hope you’ve had a good summer. We sure did. We cruised to Alaska with our families. Houston’s Main Street Theater produced a play that we wrote music for: P’s and Q’s the ABC’s of Manners. Our new childrens’ book/CD, My Name is Chicken Joe, is doing great.

My Name is Chicken Joe

 We’ve played some of our favorite venues and festivals and generally had a fine time. There’s lots to look forward to as the days get shorter. We’re working in the studio, writing and recording new songs. Basketball season is just around the corner! Go Tulsa Golden Hurricane! The MLB pennant races are shaping up and Keith’s Astros are nowhere to be found. That means he can just relax and enjoy the rest of the season. Wait till next year. Musical collaborations are in the air. Keep an eye on our calendar. We’re all over the map, at least the southern part of it. Hope to see you soon.

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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