July 2009

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

We’re back from Alaska! It was a great place to visit, especially since the weather back home was over 100 degrees. 20 hours a day of sunlight can throw your body clock off. Tales of 100 below zero can scare a couple of southern boys halfway to Arkansas. It was a great cruise for our families. We met many nice people and saw many wonderful things. How many?

Ezra saw: many whales, 4 sea otters, many porpoises, many sheep, 0 bear, 2 moose, many bald eagles, many glaciers, 1 Ray Troll, many sushi, 2 many deserts, caught 9 fish, 0 state capital buildings, 0 comedy shows, for a grand total of… 18 and 7 many!

Keith saw: 1 whale, 3 sea otters, many porpoises, many sheep, 1 bear, 2 moose, many many many many bald eagles, many glaciers, 0 Ray Troll, 0 sushi, many more deserts than Ezra, caught 0 fish, 1 state capital building, 2 comedy shows, for a grand total of 10 and 8 many! But who’s counting?

Many nice people!

The Manners Play
You may have heard that we’ve written the music for a play for Houston’s Main Street Theater. It’s called P’s and Q’s, The ABC’s of Manners and it officially opens July 9th in Houston TX. We’ve attended several rehearsals and we’re happy to report that it’s wonderful! We’ll be there for the grand pre-opening Target night on July 8th. This is a really new and different experience for us as we’re not playing or singing our songs. They have real musicians and singers to do all that. We get to sit back and enjoy the action. For more information on dates and times, visit the theater website at www.mainstreettheater.com and check out this story at www.broadwayworld.com.

Chicken Joe
As we speak, Karen’s on the phone with the trucking company that’s delivering more copies of My Name is Chicken Joe! Sales of our new, illustrated children’s book/CD continuing to amaze us. Combining our music with a book that you can enjoy and share with your little ones is such a good idea. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really need to. There’s an animated video that you can watch. You can see 1 Chicken Joe, many chickens, 1 Miss Kitty, 3 King Kongs, 1 Mister, 1 Fred, and many many good songs. That comes to a total of 7 and 3 many!

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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