March 2009

Dear e-Fisherfolk,
In like a lion, out like a lamb. That’s what they say about the month of March. Funny how much truth can be found in those old sayings. Just when we thought we were about finished with winter, March comes in and right away it snows and drops to 12 degrees. February was like a pride of hungry lions around here. The ice storm knocked out power for days and really did a number on the trees. Ezra came over to the Grimwoods’ house with his chainsaw. He and Keith worked for hours clearing trees and limbs as the stand of pine out front was hit hard. Huge logs were laying on the roof, against the door, and all down the side of the house. It looked like Joan of Arc all over again. The Grimwoods will be clearing debris for years, but at least you can get in and out of the house now. The garden is the next target as it’s almost St. Patty’s Day and time to plant them taters!
Grammy Week
We put a sad little blurb about the Grammys in our last letter, but you might have missed it. Our CD Big Round World did not win the Grammy. That’s 0 for 4 now for the Trout guys. The Buffalo Bills lost 4 straight Super Bowls, but at least they got there! Right? Well, so did we. We went to LA and had a great time at the festivities. Trout played a show at the new Grammy Museum. grammy museumAt the Nominees party, we met Brenda Lee, Bill Harley, and many other famous people that actually won Grammy awards.

The CD is still getting great reviews. Here’s one you might want to check out. It’s one of the more interesting ones we’ve encountered lately.

Upcoming news…
We’ve got a ton of cool things coming up. April marks the long-awaited release of our new book/CD called My Name is Chicken Joe. Published by The Secret Mountain and beautifully illustrated by Stephan Jorisch, the book will include a CD with 11 Trout Songs, featuring the song that made one of Keith’s cats famous. Chicken Joe says, “Eat your heart out, Pearl.” On March 21st we’re sharing a show with Patti Larkin at the Colonial Theater in Pittsfield, MA. Patti is one of Ezra’s favorite artists and we’re really looking forward to this. On March 7th (Keith’s Mom’s birthday- Happy Birthday Mom!) we’ll be at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio playing a concert with the US Air Force band.
Don’t forget the Alaska cruise with Jack Williams in June. You should make your reservations for this cruise immediately if not sooner. Elixer Strings logoMarch 22th is the FINAL deadline for reserving your spot through Traveling Troubadour to be part of this private group. By the way, rumors that Sarah Palin will be cruising with us are entirely false.
This promises to be a wonderful spring and summer and you’d best believe we’re looking forward to it finally arriving. Come on lambs!

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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