November 2008

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

Trout Fishing in America is shrinking! Ezra is still 5 feet 20 inches tall and Keith still claims to be 5 feet 5 ½ inches tall. But for the last two months, we have both been dieting, losing weight, and getting fit. Combined, we have managed to lose the equivalent of a 3rd Grader and it’s a “child” that will be happily “left behind”. Usually, when one of us starts being good and loses a pound, the other picks up the slack and gains a pound, thereby maintaining status quo. Keith wants to remind everyone about Diet Coke cake. Just take a box of cake mix (chocolate is best) and add a 12 oz can of Diet Coke. You don’t need any milk, oil or butter, just Diet Coke. Follow the cooking instructions on the box. When it’s done, top with Fat Free Cool Whip and enjoy! Ezra had a recipe for an amazing pumpkin pie that had very few calories. He can’t seem to find it. Keith thinks Ezra probably ate it!

Fall is Full
The days are passing as quickly as the leaves are falling. We have miles to go before we take time off for Thanksgiving. Basketball season is coming up and Steven Idlet will be playing for Tulsa University. Keep your eyes open for him. Keep your eyes open for us, too. We move around a lot so you’ve got to pay attention. Right now, we’re in Bryant, Arkansas. We’re going to be in Fort Polk, Louisiana in a couple of days and then we’ll be beating feet to Texas where we’ll be playing our first Wurstfest in New Braunfels. You might turn around one day and find us right behind you, especially if you’re standing in the Border’s Bookstore on South Lamar in Austin on Nov 3rd. We’ll be there playing songs from and promoting our new CD, Big Round World. The CD has been doing great. Recently it was announced a 2008 winner of a Parents’ Choice Silver Honor award.

The Revel Quilt
In early October, we spent a week in Shreveport, Louisiana at the Red River Revel, a festival that Trout has played for many years. This year, we received a wonderful gift from Diane Aldin. She presented us with a pair of quilts that she made with Revel t-shirts from years gone by. Having played most of those festivals, it was especially meaningful to us. Thanks, Diane. These quilts are going to come in really handy because it’s going to get cold soon. Just ask the Phillies and the Rays.

Troutfully yours,

Keith and Ezra

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