June 2008

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

The temperature is rising fast around here. Summer is happening and it’s going to be a busy one for us. Good, let’s get started!

Right now, we’re packing to go and spend the week at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas. Sunblock? Check. Hat? Check. Folding chairs? Check. Cooler? Check. The list goes on and on, but remember, no matter how much you remember to bring, you will forget something and it will still all work out fine somehow. Trout has a Mainstage performance on Saturday the 7th and kid shows in the afternoon at the Threadgill Theater on Saturday and Sunday. We also have a Mainstage performance with Wheatfield on Sunday the 8th. These festivals are so cool for us even if they’re hot! We not only get a chance to play our music for all kinds of people, but we get to listen to everyone else, too. Gayle Ross, Small Potatoes, Terri Hendrix, Jack Williams, Tom Prasada -Rao, plus others we haven’t heard yet!

This past weekend, we played in Kansas City at the First Annual Jiggle Jam. This was a massive Family Festival with 2 days of great entertainment. We got to play on both days and had the opportunity to meet and listen to Justin Roberts, They Might Be Giants, Tom Chapin, John McCutcheon, Mr. Stinky Feet, Funky Mama, Bongo Barry and many more. The support for the festival from the community was great. It felt like we were on the cusp of something big. Seattle had Grunge, Austin had the Cosmic Cowboys, and Nashville is known for its Country Music. Perhaps KC, which is already known for its great jazz, will also be known as the epicenter of Family Music.

On the home front, the gardens are finally getting going. Well, the Idlet garden has been happening for a good while now and is busily producing some fine-tasting veggies. Keith doesn’t understand why his garden got so flooded since he lives on a mountain and Ezra lives in a valley. Go figure. But anyway, his ‘taters are looking happy and the ‘maters are in the ground. Ezra’s wife, Karen, has started a landscaping project that involves him going to the mountain to collect lots and lots of heavy rocks. The project will look great when it’s done. Last week, while gathering rocks, Ezra had an exciting encounter with a copperhead snake. Picking up stones sometimes means taking away homes from snakes. Fortunately, it was the cool part of the morning and the copperhead was moving slowly. Ezra was also turning rocks over with a pick axe so that added a measure of safety. Neither snake nor musician was harmed during the brief meeting.

Kevin Grimwood, the son of Keith and Beth, asked his girlfriend Maryam to marry him (I just love the way that phrase sounds!) and they are now engaged. Maryam’s father is throwing a big engagement party in the middle of June and the excitement is building. It is no secret that Keith is trying to encourage Kevin and Maryam to elope and make life easier for everyone. His bribe offer goes up weekly. They do make a lovely couple and we wish them both the best of luck and years of happiness.

The June issue of Performing Songwriter, a magazine dedicated to songwriters and the craft of songwriting, is celebrating their 15th anniversary. Their list of the 100 most influential independent artists and bands of the last 15 years was included. Trout Fishing in America is sandwiched between Phish and Widespread Panic! We are honored to be listed with this heady group. Congratulations to Performing Songwriter!

The calendar is full of some great summer dates so check it out. In June, we’ll return to lovely Longwood Gardens in PA and we’ll make our first appearance at the new Botanical Gardens in Fayetteville, AR. We’ll also be back at the Philadelphia Folk Festival in August. There are a whole lot more shows so find one near you and come on out!

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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