April 2008

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

We hope you survived April Fool’s Day without too much egg on your face. Keith fell hard this year. Ezra’s sister, Gabrielle, called him and said she was having trouble with her laundry. She told him that the washer was blowing air instead of water and that water was pouring into the dryer instead of hot air. Keith, who is not very mechanically inclined, said he’d never encountered anything like that. He told her he’d be glad to come by and take a look and try to help. Gabrielle cracked up! She had no idea how gullible Keith can be. If you look up ‘gullible’ in the dictionary, you’ll probably see a picture of Keith. Oh, we forgot. You can’t look up it up because the word ‘gullible’ is not in any dictionary. We don’t know why they left it out, but as many of you already know, it’s just not there.

People are divided on the subject of allowing dogs to sleep in the bed with them. There was division in the Idlet household on the subject as well. Karen prevailed and Pearl, our singing boxer, has been spending her nights in luxury between Karen and Ezra. The upside of having a puppy in bed is that you always know when the pup needs to go outside. The downsides are myriad. Puppy paws in the ear are no fun at 3 in the morning and who knew that boxers snored so loud?! We won’t even talk about the bugs that hitch rides into the house via the dog. Recently however, Pearl seems to be growing up. She’s just started enjoying sleeping by herself in an actual doggie bed! She did it all on her own. Ezra is soooo proud.

The actual writing and recording part of the new CD project is nearly done. We are very excited about these 14 new songs and think they sound great! There are still plenty of things left to do before it is finally released, things like mastering, artwork, CD pressing, liner notes, and pictures. Of course, that means it’s almost time for the dreaded photo shoot. Those mean camera lenses can really be tough on you. Keith is still sticking with his diet and has lost 19 pounds since the beginning of the year.

We have a lot of cool dates coming up on the Trout calendar. We have shows in April with The Air Force Band of the Golden West and the Austin Symphony Orchestra. In May, we’ll be back in Ft. Worth for a Kid’s Who Care concert and will also be making return visits to Leesville, LA and Pawling, NY. Our Kerrville Folk Festival weekend is set for June 7-8 so make plans to be there in Texas with us. Ezra will probably be camping again, but Keith has a nice, air-conditioned hotel room on his mind. Check the calendar listings and come on out. You’ll hear some new songs as well as your old favorites.

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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