January 2008

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

Man it’s cold! It was 12 degrees at Keith’s house yesterday. The pond outside of Ezra’s house looks like someone took the remote and put it on pause. It’s totally frozen over. You wouldn’t want to go ice-skating on it though unless you’re a member of the Polar Bear Club.

It’s the New Year! Both the Grimwoods and the Idlets had a lovely holiday break. We’d like to thank all of you who sent us letters, goodies, and good wishes. The Grimwoods drove to Houston to visit relatives. The Idlets stayed home and walked their new puppy, Pearl, 100 times a day. Even with that schedule, there were a few mess-ups. Keith and Beth got a new puppy last year about this time. Their dog, Mona, is now house trained and an expert cat herder.

A few newsletters ago, we mentioned that our friend, Ember Lanuti, had performed a piece of music that Keith had written back when he was in college. We’ve had several requests to put up a video of her performance and that has now happened. If you go to the video section of our website you can see and hear Ember singing Keith’s Song For Soprano and Piano (based on a sonnet by Edna St. Vincent Millay). We’ve known the Lanuti family for a long time and have had the pleasure of watching Ember grow up. Watching children grow up and become who they are is truly amazing.

Trout Fishing in America is sort of easing into the New Year. This time of year is traditionally the time that we take to write or record and we’re doing a lot of both. Our performance schedule is light as we’re in the studio working on our next album project. The working title right now is Big Round World.

June of 2008 will mark 32 years of Keith and Ezra writing songs and playing music together. Poor David’s Pub, in Dallas, TX started at about the same time we did. Poor David’s will begin their month long anniversary celebration March 1st and Trout Fishing in America will be playing. How many cars, houses, socks, marriages, washing machines, guitars, or computers have you been through since 1976?

When Keith and Ezra first started playing music together back in 1976, it was with a band called St. Elmo’s Fire (also know as Formerly Wheatfield). Keith and Ezra will be reuniting with Craig and Connie for a few Wheatfield dates in late January. Check the calendar for dates and more information.

There you go. Happy New Year! We’re looking forward to it.

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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