September 2007

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

How’s it going? Did you miss us? We’ve been all over the place this summer. Trout has traveled to some really cool places we’ve never been to before, and had some exciting experiences. We even stayed at two hotels that are on the national historic register.

We do have a funny story to share. At one of these lovely establishments, we left our van with valet parking. The next day when we were ready to go to our show, the valet returned with a funny look on his face and told us that our van was gone. Keith asked him if he still had the keys. The answer was affirmative. The next thing Keith asked was if it was possible the van had been towed! As it turned out, this is exactly what happened. We have a theory on why it was towed from valet parking. Somehow a dusty van with Arkansas plates must have looked out of place with the other luxury cars in the lot. It was retrieved and we drove happily ever after.

In the mountains of New York State, west of Poughkeepsie, is a hotel that absolutely takes your breath away. Mohonk Mountain House is a vintage inn that has been maintained with love for well over 100 years. It’s located on a beautiful mountain lake and is furnished with amazing examples of rustic furniture. The garden fences are made from cedar cut from the woods and made into unique panels of artfully placed branches. There are over 100 rustic gazebos called “summer houses” scattered along the vast hiking trails. The trails range from easy to severe. We had two wonderful days there. Keith compares it to being on a cruise ship.

Speaking of cruise ships, a few years ago we went on a Kerrville Folk Festival cruise with a group called the Billies. The band consisted of two Billies. Billy Jonas was one of them. We’re going to be doing a show with Billy Jonas in Plano, TX on September 6th as a part of the Sundown Concert Series. It’s at Oak Park Amphitheater and it should be a really good show.

There are a lot of interesting dates coming up in the near future that you should check out. We’ll be back at the Mucky Duck in Houston. We’ll also be returning for the first time in years to Nathan P. Murphy’s in Springfield, MO. If you’ve been missing us in that area please come out and re-introduce yourself. We’re sure you’ve changed since we last saw you. We sure have. There are a lot of fall festivals coming up, including Shreveport’s Red River Revel where we’ve played many times and The Eureka Springs Folk Festival where we will be making our first appearance.

Our new 5 song CD, Who Knows What We Might Do is here! Originally it was only available as a download. We now have physical CDs with artwork and everything available. This is pretty much by fan request as not everyone is familiar with downloading music from the Internet. So now you can have it either way. You can download the 5 songs for $5 or buy the CD for $10. Either way, we guarantee you’ll love these songs or we will return the unspent portion of your money to you with no questions asked. But we do spend money pretty quickly around here.

Troutfully Yours,
Keith and Ezra

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