August 2007

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

This has been the wettest summer that we’ve seen in Arkansas since we moved here. The Grimwoods have the tastiest tomatoes they have ever grown and are rapidly becoming tomato snobs. Keith has been removing regular tomatoes from his store-bought sandwiches. The rain at the Idlets’ house has brought on an early fruiting of chantrelle mushrooms. None have been picked or cooked. It’s very important to have absolute verification of wild mushrooms before you eat them. Ezra’s excited that he may have identified a second edible mushroom species on his place. During the spring, the Idlets gather morel mushrooms for their dinner table. Mmmmmmmm, so good and so easily identified.

Are you hungry for new Trout music? Check out our web catalog under Folk Rock. You’ll notice we’ve released a five song set called Who Knows What We Might Do. Eat it up. Currently the only way to get this music is by downloading it from our website. We are, however, working on producing a limited number of CDs that should be available in the near future. Also, keep an eye on our side projects portion of the website. There’s some interesting stuff there and new projects will continue to be added in the near future.

What rhymes with Grand Prairie, Texas? It’s Granbury, Texas! These are two Texas cities we’ll be playing. We’ll be doing a free concert in Grand Prairie, TX on Saturday, July 28th at 3 PM. Then on August 25th, we’ll be in Granbury, TX. What rhymes with Look-For-Ya? It’s Sequoyah! The Mount Sequoyah Conference and Retreat Center in Fayetteville, AR is holding a series of events that will include a songwriting workshop and a concert by TFIA on Saturday, August 18th. Other folks involved in this weekend series include our friends, Emily Kaitz and Effron White. Go to for more information.

This summer makes 31 years that Keith and Ezra have been writing songs and playing music together. That means a lot of traveling! About 10 years ago, we retired our trusty pickup truck, Robert RedFord, with over half a million miles on it. Our newest vehicle, Stretch, has over 300,000 miles under his belts. We’ve traveled in other vehicles during the last 31 years. There has been an AMC Sportabout station wagon. We had a Datsun King-Cab pickup truck. We drove a Chevy van and various bobtail rigs. The moon is approximately 846,000 miles from the earth so we could have driven to the moon and started our return journey by now. We would have had to stop along the way for repair and to buy a couple of new vehicles, but it would have been fun. Other things to take into consideration would be probably no flat tires. Once we got going outside the earth’s gravitational field, we wouldn’t have had to use any gas. That would have saved a lot of money but we would have gone broke because there’s virtually no place to play once you get past the space station. Since this letter is getting so spaced out and spacey, we’ll say Roger that Houston, A-OK, over and out.

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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