February 2007

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

The 49th Annual Grammy Awards: A Fish Eye View.

Our trip to the Grammys was exciting from the very beginning. We had a 10:25 AM flight from DFW airport to take us out to LA for the Nominees’ Party. After a leisurely breakfast, we ambled over to our gate only to discover that our flight was mistakenly booked for 10:25 PM! With the Party starting in LA at 6:00 PM, even Ezra could do that math enough to know that we were in a tough spot. The abbreviated version of what happened is that the kind and fabulous American Airlines got us (and our bags!) out to LA in plenty of time on another flight. With luck like that, we figured we were on a roll.

The Nominees’ Party is a highlight of our Grammy experience. For that night, we’re all in the same boat. Nominated, and we get medals to prove it. We get to meet people that we’d never cross paths with anywhere else. Ezra met Bill Walton from the NBA. He always looked up to him back when Bill was playing for UCLA and still looks up to him as Bill Walton is 6’11”. Keith took a lovely photo of his wife, Beth, with ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic. But it wasn’t only the global superstars that were impressive. We shared a cab to the party with an opera singer (Dorothy Byrne) and her daughter. “Dot” was charming and definitely not someone we’d run into normally, but we were peers that night.

The Grammys are so packed with stars it’s hard to imagine. Our part of the ceremony took place in the afternoon before the live telecast. Truthfully, we were a bit bummed when our name wasn’t called, but that feeling went away pretty quickly realizing how few people actually received the nominations. The evening show at the Staples Center was exciting as well. After being entertained by mega-stars for a couple of hours, we went to the “after party” at the LA Convention Center with about a billion other people. At first, the lines for food and drink were daunting but as the evening rocked on, the lines became more friendly and people settled into music & spectacle. For Ezra, the highlight was dancing to Kool and the Gang. Ezra was never a disco fan but that 14-piece band lifted the entire audience out of their seats and into a state of happiness that only music can bring. It is so hard to try to encapsulate all that went on in those two days. To find out more about our experiences, come out to see us and ask us. We’ll be happy to name drop all you want.

Here is our unspoken Grammy ‘Thank You’ Speech. “We’d like to thank our wives and families because you mean the world to us, Dick and Suzanne Renko of Muzik Management, our friend and musical producer Fred Bogert, Patty and Karen and everyone at Trout Records, our publicists Karen Liepziger and Beth Blenz-Clucas, Kathy O’Connell and all our friends who’ve encouraged and believed in us even when we didn’t, Don Teach of Shreveport Music Company, Patsy who 30 years ago thought it would be a good idea for us to play music for kids, and a huge thank you to all our fans because you are truly the greatest in the world.”

Even though we didn’t bring home the Grammy, those thanks still count. We’ll just save that speech and maybe use it next time.

Ezra & Keith
Keith and Ezra

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