November 2006

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

If you think Halloween was scary, then think about this. It’s November and it’s time to start over-eating again. ACCK! Have you ever noticed that late Fall through early Spring are totally designed for over-eating? I mean just about the time that Halloween candy runs out, you’ll find yourself sitting down to a table groaning under the weight of an impossible Thanksgiving dinner. And just about the time the leftovers are finished and you can almost fit through the door again to do your Christmas or other Holiday shopping, you get home to find a decorative plate of fudge brownies and a bowl of eggnog waiting. The powers that be give us January off to help us feel better about those New Year’s resolutions. But just about the time we can almost get all the buttons to button again, it’s Valentine’s Day! If we live through all those chocolate hearts, there’s always a warren of cheerful, chocolate bunnies waiting just around the corner. Now that’s scary!

Keith would like to send out a hearty congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals and their fans for their win in the World Series. Keith wanted to see a National League team win at least one game this year, after losing the last 8 straight over the last 2 years. Four wins was too much to ask for. Also a congratulations to the Detroit Tigers and their fans on a remarkable year.

A very fine and wonderful radio station in Philadelphia, PA (WXPN 88.5 FM) took a poll lately and asked people to vote on what they considered to be the “Greatest Artists of all Time.” They compiled a list of the 885 Greatest Artists and had a countdown, playing songs from these artists. When the final results were released, we were pleased and honored to find Trout Fishing in America was included. We came in at 461! Out of 885, that isn’t bad at all. They played “No Matter What Goes Right” and “All I Want is a Proper Cup of Coffee” as representative of Trout. Thank you to all the people who like our music and voted for us. For a complete listing of all the artists in order, check out their website at

If you’re thinking about buying presents (and it’s getting to be that time, you know) remember that we have a new CD out called “My Best Day.” Don’t forget about our Grammy-nominated holiday/Christmas CD “Merry Fishes to All.” And we have a new design out in kid’s T-shirts that really looks great. It’s lime green so you’ll never lose sight of your child in a crowd and we’re calling it “Big Fish Little Fish.” Check them out. A lot of you have been asking about sheet music for Trout songs. Slowly, the wheels have been turning and the sheet music for three of the most requested songs is ready for download purchase. The songs are “Lullaby,” “My Hair Had a Party Last Night,” and “No Matter What Goes Right.”

If you’re making plans for New Year’s Eve, know that we will be playing an early show at Town Center for First Night in Fayetteville, AR. This is a really great event that features lots of entertainment in several venues downtown on the square. You pay one price for a button to get in and all the shows are available to you. The trees and streets are beautifully decorated with thousands of lights and there is a wide variety of music available for all ages and styles of people. Last year’s show was a blast and we’re really looking forward to this one.

Troutfully yours,

Keith and Ezra

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