July 2006

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

It’s the beginning of July 2006. If it’s not hot where you are, you’re so lucky! It’s pretty hot down here in Arkansas and all across the South. Keith can vouch for that because he drove across the entire South this last week. We’re having a bit of time off and the Grimwoods went to a family reunion in Clear Run, North Carolina. This is the Herring branch of the family (Keith’s Grandmother). Keith and Beth also went to Gadsden, Alabama to visit his aunt and cousins. They also had the pleasure of seeing his grandmother’s old farmhouse in Lincoln, Alabama (not named for a President). It was hot everywhere they went. He put 3000 miles on the odometer in his “week off”. What a fool!

The Idlets have been home for the time off. Work has been getting done on the treehouse. Ezra has been hand carving the cedar posts that will become the railing for the loft. Basketball games and workouts have been attended. Friends have come over to consume massive amounts of watermelon! What a great desert in the Arkansas heat.

Both of our wives will be having birthdays in the month of July. Karen’s is July 4th. It only took Ezra three times asking her what day her birthday was for him to remember. True story. Beth’s is July 31st. It’s a BIG birthday for both of them. We won’t tell you the number but they are the same age and there’s a 5 somewhere in there. That may be too much information, but Happy Birthday, Karen and Beth.

Starting mid-July, and continuing through mid-October, there won’t be a lot of time off for the Trout boys. We’ll be traveling from coast to coast and all through the Midwest and South. Check your calendar to see when we’ll be in your neighborhood.

It may be a bit early to start talking about it, but our new CD (My Best Day) is scheduled for release on Sept 12th. This is the live concert that we recorded in Conway, Arkansas back in February with AETN. We hope to have captured the feeling of a live Trout concert. It’s often been said that Trout is at its best in a live show. Here it is.

Troutfully Yours,
Keith and Ezra

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