May 2006

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

You’ve all heard the old cliche’, “When it rains, it pours.” We are living the cliche’ today. After not raining for weeks upon end, the skies have opened and given us all that water at the same time. Cove Creek Rd. looks a lot like Cove Creek! The Trout van looks a lot like an ark. It might be a good time to head to Ezra’s tree house.

Tree house you say? Have you seen the slide show on our website? The New York Times did. John Schwartz, a writer with the Times, liked it so much that he talked his editor into sending him to Arkansas. John did a lengthy interview with us and we had a picnic in the tree house. The next day, a photographer risked his life driving up the mountain to take some pictures. The article is out today, May 11th, and you can read it by clicking on this link. Or you can go to the NYTimes (‘’)}} to register for a free subscription. We will try to have a link to the article on our tree house page shortly. Check it out.

There are two big anniversaries coming up for us this summer.

1. June is the 35th anniversary of the Kerrville Folk Festival. This Texas festival has been a big part of our lives. Ezra played there with Wheatfield back in 1974. Keith and Ezra started playing there in 1988 as the opening act on the main stage for a weekend. We’ve never been the same since. We are scheduled to be at the festival for the last weekend. We’ll be doing a mainstage concert, kid’s shows, and a two song performance with the Kerrville Festival Orchestra.

2. July will mark the 30th anniversary of Keith and Ezra writing songs and playing music together. We met in a band called St. Elmo’s Fire in 1976 and became fast friends. We played our first show as Trout Fishing in America in 1977 in Santa Cruz, CA. We’ve never been the same since.

Speaking of Wheatfield, you could catch a reunion of the band in Austin, TX at the Cactus Cafe’ on June 12th. Ezra and Keith will be joining Craig Calvert and Connie Mims for an evening of fun and nostalgia and maybe some good music too.

We’d like to mention that the incredibly hip record label, Putomayo World Music, is including one of our songs on their newest release. The CD is called “Folk Playground” and is scheduled for a June 27th release. Our song, “Fill It Up,” is right there with Justin Roberts, Eric Bibb and Leon Redbone to name a few! Click to check it out.

We hope it’s not raining on your parade. We hope it rains only on your garden and whatever river you want to go canoeing in.

Troutfully yours,
Keith & Ezra

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