November 2005

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

Welcome to another Trout Fishing in America E-Newsletter. We have lots of fast breaking news for you this time. Did anybody notice a calendar lately? November is almost gone! That means 2005 is almost gone, too! WHAT HAPPENED? It is a well known phenomenon that time can distort and seem very short (like vacation days) or very long (like that last hour waiting for school to let out) but that is ridiculous. It seems like the year just got good and started and it’s almost over. And you know what that means.. It’s time for the Holidays!

Now Christmas (or any other Holiday you choose to celebrate at this time) can be approached in many ways. You may enter into the celebration with fear and trepidation. You may experience exuberance and elation. Either way, it’s going to happen. May we suggest that the best way to enjoy (or endure) this time of year is to listen to our holiday CD, Merry Fishes to All. If you want others to enjoy their holiday, perhaps you could get a Merry Fishes for them, too. The CD is a very Trout’s-eyed of the holiday events, featuring songs like I Got a Cheese Log (an almost true story) and The Eleven Cats of Christmas (a somewhat frightening tale featuring all of the Grimwood felines). It really is a lot of fun, so don’t miss out. Of course, any Trout CD will make a great gift, and remember one size fits all.

December is packed full of Trout things to do. On December 3rd, we’ll be back at World Cafe’ Live in Philadelphia right next to the WXPN studios. The next day we’ll be in Reston, VA for our annual show with our good friends at the Community Center. This year, Keith plans on bringing his voice for both of these events, unlike last year when his voice had an out of the body experience that was so bad, he nearly had to buy a ticket just to attend the shows. For New Year’s Eve, we’ll be performing in Fayetteville, Arkansas for the First Night celebration. First Night features a host of performers from Fayetteville and NW Arkansas in an alcohol free environment that culminates with a fireworks display at midnight. If you live in Hot Springs, Arkansas, we will be playing at the incredible Garvan Gardens where there will be over 1 million lights in their Holiday Display. Even as we write this letter, new dates are being added to our calendar. Please check it out especially if you live in Bradford, Vermont or Tampa, Florida.

There are many Trout dates to mark on your calendar, but one of the most exciting is February 11th. AETN (Arkansas Educational Television Network) will be recording and filming a live performance of Trout Fishing in America in the Reynolds Performance Hall at the University of Central Arkansas. This is located in Conway, Arkansas and you could be in the audience. Many of you may have seen and enjoyed Family Music Party, our PBS video recorded in Austin, TX at the Austin City Limits sound stage. This will be similar. We’ll be letting you in on more details as time approaches, but we just wanted to give you fair warning. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11.

Looking ahead to January, note that Keith and Ezra will be playing with a reunion of Wheatfield for three dates. Wheatfield is a band that Ezra co-founded back in the 1970’s before he met Keith. The band later became St. Elmo’s Fire in 1976 and Keith joined them that summer. The Wheatfield reunion schedule is and can also be found at

Troutfully yours,

Keith and Ezra

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