October 2005

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

There is a chill in the air and excitement all around. Everyone is glued to their television sets watching the Major League Baseball playoffs. Well, maybe a couple of people are watching football. But most people are totally thrilled that the Astros are doing so well, except for maybe a few people in Philadelphia and Atlanta. At least Keith Grimwood is happy for the moment. That 18 inning game with the Braves almost made up for a certain 16 inning game against the Mets back in 1986 and getting to the playoffs at all almost made up for something else that happened back in 1980. Wait, this is a Trout Fishing in America newsletter. We ought to talk about something besides baseball.

Some people are watching football and keeping up with the baseball playoffs, but most of us who have endured the long drought of no basketball are about to be relieved. November is just around the corner and high school and college basketball seasons start! That means that both of the Idlet children will be playing in games along with the rest of the basketball playing universe. Dana Idlet begins her second year playing for Tulsa University. Steven Idlet has cracked the starting lineup at Prairie Grove High School. Ezra got to watch his 16 year old son, Steven, bounce a basketball off the floor, catch it in mid air and then dunk it two handed through the bucket! OK, enough about sports you say. What about Trout?

The Trout have been on the move as it is a busy time of the year for us. The Red River Revel was great once again. We had the pleasure of working with Terrance Simien and his band. If you haven’t heard his music, you should. We’re talking fine Zydeco music that will not let you stay still for long. We also had a chance to write a song with Luther Gray of Bamboola 2000. We did six songwriting workshops in Gladstone, MO, two songwriting workshops in Ft. Worth, TX at the Library, and had the honor of playing at Wolftrap in VA. We’re writing this letter just before heading out to CA for three days. Like we said, busy times are on us. We are scheduled to record again with Fred Bogert in November.

Keith had an en-lightning experience the other day. There was a terrible storm at his house and he decided to unplug the computer in an effort to save the modem from being fried. He went to shut down the computer and just as he clicked the mouse, lightning struck and there was a loud boom. Keith’s right arm got a big time shock and the jolt sent him across the room. He was unsteady for a good while but kept looking for positive things in the experience. Things like the ability to see the future, hair returning to its original color, increased intelligence and stamina. He is sorry to report that all he gained was a new appreciation for being alive. Maybe that’s not all that bad.

For those of you on the regular mailing list, this will be our last letter of the year to you. Others on the E-mail list will get one more. Take a close look at our calendar and see if we’re coming to your neighborhood in the near future. Travel sort of slows down at the beginning of the year, so don’t miss out. If you’re thinking of buying some cool presents for people you like, you’ll be interested to note that we have a brand new t-shirt design in adult sizes. It will be on the website soon. We also still have copies of Merry Fishes to All, our Grammy nominated holiday/Christmas CD as well as all of our other recordings. Shop early. Halloween is almost upon us.

Troutfully Yours,
Keith and Ezra

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