May 2005

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

Here we are at the beginning of May and it’s still cold in the Ozarks. Of course, it’s not still snowing like it is in some places we keep hearing about. Some people get all the luck. Instead it’s perfect weather for doing heavy chores outside; kind of like having outside air conditioning following you around. We call this the phenomena Astroworld effect. Astroworld, an amusement park in Houston TX, used to have outdoor air conditioning for the people waiting in line for rides. It was pretty neat standing outside in the sweltering summer Houston heat, surrounded by a bubble of outdoor air conditioning.

Trout Fishing in America just played the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival and we had a great time. Tower Of Power was also at the festival. They’ve been together for 37 years and that beats our 29 years by a mile. Their performance was a musical tour de funk. Tower of Power may be the tap root of funk music. If you have a chance to go hear them this summer, you owe it to yourself to get out and feel the funk. Of course, you should also come out and hear us, too. Just do yourself a favor and get out of the house.

Here are a few other fun things you ought to know about.

1) It is almost Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) and this promises to be the Cinco de Mayo of the Century! Why? Because it’ll be 5/5/05. Just think, 5-5-5 all you numerologists out there. A big celebration should be in order because after all, next year June 6 will be with us and that doesn’t sound too good.

2) Keith and Ezra will be performing at the Kerrville Folk Festival June 4 – 6 in many different combinations. We’ll be doing kids shows at the Threadgill stage and a main stage show as Trout Fishing in America with our friend and producer, Fred Bogert. We’ll also be performing with Wheatfield on the main stage Sunday the 5th. Wheatfield was the band Ezra was playing in when he met Keith back in 1976. For more info about Wheatfield, check out On Monday the 6th, Trout will be part of the Ozarkestra, a musical aggravation of fellow Ozarkians live and onstage! On Tuesday the 7th, Wheatfield (with Keith and Ezra) will be performing at the Cactus Cafe in Austin, Texas with Bill Staines.

3) June 1st will mark 13 years since we moved from Houston, Texas to Northwest Arkansas. The month of June will also mark 29 years that Keith and Ezra have been playing music together. It’s still weird to write a newsletter and talk about Keith and Ezra because we are Keith and Ezra. But what are you gonna do?

4) We (Keith and Ezra, that is) saw an aloe vera plant bloom. Have you ever seen that? It was very otherworldly. We didn’t know an aloe vera plant could bloom. It had a long stem shooting from the center with little dangling flowers at the end. Very pretty. It must be spring. Get out of the house and check out what’s blooming….

Troutfully yours,
Keith & Ezra

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