April 2005

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

Nothing has been planted in the garden because it won’t stop raining. We understand that in some places it hasn’t stopped snowing. Bob and Bob, those identical twin snowflakes aren’t through just yet. Spring has sprung but it’s sprung a leak this year.

Did you know that baby chicks are sent through the mail? Recently a shipment to the West Fork Post Office was undeliverable. The person who ordered the chicks had passed away. They couldn’t send them back because they wouldn’t survive the return trip. They called the Grimwoods, who are locally famous for taking in stray. Now the Grimwood menagerie includes 11 cats, 1 dog, 1 Leopard gecko, and about 21 baby chickens.

The Idlets went to Costa Rica for Spring Break. Usually Spring Break calls up images of relaxation and lying on a beach. What really happened was exciting and edgy. No matter where you live in the US, your traffic is saner than it is in Costa Rica. Drivers there use their ability to tell the future to pass on narrow two lane roads. Fortunately, traffic does not define a country. Costa Rica is beautiful and the Pacific coast was breath taking. We went scuba diving with eagle rays and white tip reef sharks and saw amazing sights that are usually seen on the Discovery channel. Ezra played guitar to entertain his friends and a group of monkeys left their tree to come closer to the music. After two songs, the monkeys were asleep in the branches over his head. We’re not sure if that wasn’t some kind of trans-species communication.

After 4 days of diving, we drove for two hours up a rough dirt road to the top of Monte Verde. The reason for the trip was to enjoy a zip line tour of the rain forest canopy. A zip line is an invention by a demented adrenaline junky designed to scare the wits out of normal people. Seemingly sane people strap themselves to a tiny steel wheel with handles and travel at high speeds on a cable that stretches up to 400 feet above the ground for as long as a half a mile. Ezra’s basic survival instincts were screaming, “DON’T DO IT!!” His friends and family were telling him, “Come on, it’s fun. Surely a big guy like you isn’t scared of a little ride.” There’s nothing like sliding on a cable across an abyss to put a little edge in your life. We did all this and didn’t break anything.

Our friend, Emily Kaitz, had a Spring Break of another kind. We’d like to report that she is doing well in her recuperation of her broken hip. She has painted tiger stripes on her walker and Keith is calling it her “Walker on the Wild Side”. Keith also reports that she can still beat him at Scrabble in spite of her weakened condition. Get well Emily.

Our schedule will include some arduous travel this Spring and Summer, but we are both really looking forward to it. We’re going back to Alaska for the first time since October 1993. The Kerrville Folk Festival will include three Trout Fishing in America shows, a Wheatfield reunion, and an appearance by the ‘Ozarkestra’. The ‘Ozarkestra’ will be a collection of musicians (including Keith and Ezra) that live in our area, all playing music together. Alberta, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Texas, all this and Major league Baseball has started! Just looking over the calendar will put a smile on your face. We can’t wait!i

Troutfully yours,
Keith & Ezra

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