September 2004

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

Like they say in the song, “It’s almost September.” You know what that means! Have we mentioned that we’ve been working on a Christmas/holiday album? The new CD is called Merry Fishes to All. It contains 12 songs that run the musical gamut from sweet and sentimental to Benny Goodman meets the Little Rascals. Nine of the songs are original and offer a new slant on the holidays. The other three are relatively obscure and are not your standard Christmas fare. We thought we were going to beat the Christmas retail crush by releasing our CD officially on September 7th! We were wrong about beating the rush. Yesterday, Ezra got a package containing sample Christmas cards that he could have personalized. Drat! For our friends who don’t celebrate Christmas, this album should still be an enjoyable take on the holiday season.

If you’ve been watching our calendar recently, you can see that we’ve been doing a lot of traveling. We’ve experienced some wicked airport backups and have eaten our share of airport food. We’ve also seen some and enjoyed new parts of the country. We learned that there’s a reason they call it Long Island. Who would have thought you could drive 100 miles east of New York City? After a surprising two and a half hour drive we found and played in Sag Harbor, New York. It’s near the end of Long Island. The very next day, we were in Los Angeles, CA for several shows at the Getty Center. We’re home now for about 10 days and then our travels will resume. Checking our calendar you’ll find us from Florida to Minnesota and from Pennsylvania to Arizona and many many points in between.

We’ve had a few inquiries about the Red Truck lately. Many of you probably don’t even know Robert. Robert “Red Ford” is our old friend and F-150 pickup truck that was retired from active duty with approximately 540,000 miles on the odometer. He now resides at Keith’s house next to the clothes line. He is renowned as a poet, a moveable closet, and a reliable means of transportation. Poet?! You may ask. Yup and here’s his latest offering.

The coffee mug stood with dark promise.
“Hey, let me give you a hand, buddy.
Grab my arm and I’ll lift you from that dark, foggy, dream-filled tunnel.”
Sounds a lot more friendly than
“Grab my ear and suck the dark nectar of my day-old brains.”

We hope this letter is a bright spot in your day. Robert does, too.

Troutfully Yours,
Keith and Ezra

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