May 2004

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

“April showers bring May flowers.” That’s how the says goes. April showers brought a massive flood to Northwest Arkansas this year! Ezra lives next to Cove Creek which is usually a slow moving spring fed body of water that provides mediocre fishing and some really great swimming holes up till about August. In April, Cove Creek is a really lovely river that burbles and chirps along providing eating and watering grounds for blue herons, beaver, deer, and a wide variety of wildlife. Last week, the April showers were an April deluge and our usually tame creek became a raging torrent that washed out bridges, took livestock, leveled fences and deposited full grown trees into the middle of farmers’ pastures. The “twin bridges” that cross the creek north of the Idlets’ home were both washed out during the flood. This made for an interesting lesson in Arkansas geography. There are other ways to get to town from the Idlets’ house and they have been documented in song. “Ov er the river and through the woods………”

Up on the mountain where the Grimwoods live came a different kind of natural disaster. Hail the size of hen’s eggs whittled and chipped away at the concrete fish in their yard. It also decapitated an entire crop of iris. For a brief moment in time, Keith was the goat for being late planting the tomatoes. Now he’s the hero! Whodathunkit? He’ll be even more of a hero if he can retrieve his washed out driveway from the dirt road out in front of his house.

The strange weather phenomena was not limited to Arkansas. Keith and Ezra went to The Briar Patch studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee to begin work on their next CD. It’s going to be a Holiday album. To get in the mood for recording seasonal songs in the springtime, Keith brought two Santas, Ezra brought a mini Christmas tree and Fred Bogert strung Christmas lights all over the studio. Just as we started recording, it began to snow outside. The blooming dogwoods and redwoods were stunned and amazed as the giant snowflakes came fluttering down. So were we!

The rains have given our lawns great starts to a big growing season. We’re both working in the yard mowing and weed whacking. We look forward to getting back on the road for some rest and music. Come see us!

Troutfully yours,
Keith & Ezra

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