March 2004


Dear e-Fisherfolk:

We hope you enjoyed your leap day on February 29th. It’s nice to get an extra day every once in a while. We could use a few extra hours in the day most of the time. The last two days in the Ozarks have been stunningly beautiful. Crisp, cool air with blue skies are a tough combination to top at this time of year.

The Grimwoods have got their garden tilled in eager anticipation of the traditional planting of the potatoes around St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s some food for thought. We just finished with Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday celebrations last week. It is curious to note that the Irish have scheduled St. Patrick’s Day during the time of Lent. Go figure. So many wonderful holiday celebrations in a row! The stores had barely enough time to get the Valentine’s Day candy off the shelves and suddenly, chocolate bunnies started hopping out of their stockrooms. So much chocolate, so little time. At least we had that extra day.

If you were going to top the beautiful weather we are having right now, you’d probably have to get on a cruise ship and head south, which is exactly what the Idlets are doing for Spring Break this year. They are heading to Cozumel for four days of “quality time” with their teenaged children. The Grimwoods are heading to a zoo, as is their Spring Break tradition. They tried to visit the Kansas City Zoo last year and instead ended up touring Kansas City hospitals as Beth came down with pneumonia. This year, they intend to avoid the hospitals of St. Louis.

Spring is almost here and were heading into a schedule of more touring these days. Check your calendar and see if our plans fit your plans.

Ezra & Keith
Keith and Ezra

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