January 2004


Dear e-Fisherfolk,

Last week, both of us were hearing a lot of complaining about the weather from various friends and acquaintances.  It just wasn’t cold enough for them.  “Where’s winter?!”  We hope they’re happy.  It was 6 degrees this morning on top of Keith’s mountain and Ezra’s water froze down in the valley.  Almost all of Keith’s 11 cats decided to come inside the house and hang out by the fireplace.  If you had sewn all of them together, you would have had a pretty fair feline rug.  Not tiger skin, but closer and warmer too!

Happy New Year!  It’s 2004.  How ’bout those resolutions?  Keith has resolved to rededicate himself to Weight Watching.  This can be accomplished now that his mom’s fudge has finally been consumed.  He’s also resolved to improve his vocabulary by working from a book called “1100 Words You Need To Know.”  Every day you get five words and an idiomatic saying to review and learn.  Lesson One: Keith must curb his voracious appetite and stop the indiscriminate consumption of foods that are steeped in fats so that his figure will not be replete with an imminent waistline.  Otherwise, he’ll be eating humble pie.

Ezra knows he needs to rededicate himself to weight watching, exercise and clean living.  When you’re 6’9″ and can no longer dunk a basketball, something needs to happen.  It won’t be very long before his kids can whip him on a basketball court and that would be a crushing blow.  It’s amazing to watch the balance of power shift to the new generation.  Kids seem stronger and smarter these days than ever before.  It might just be that as adults receiving AARP magazines, we’re just slowing down.  You’d think that if you ate the same diet as your kids, and kept the same hours, you’d be as strong and smart.  It just doesn’t work that way.

George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, Arkansas has been here for 75 years.  That’s almost three times as long as we’ve been playing music together.  On Saturday, January 17th, Trout Fishing in America will make a rare club concert appearance at the legendary landmark by the railroad tracks.  We understand that it will be a nonsmoking event.  For those of you who have asked when we’re going to play a club in Arkansas again, here’s your chance.

We’ll also be heading out to California the last part of this month.  We hear it’s much warmer out there and people aren’t complaining about it.  We’ll be at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz and the Palms in Winters, among other places.  Come out and see us.  Don’t prognosticate….ooops, that’d be prestidigitate…..I mean procrastinate.  All our best for the new year.

Besh fishes,
Keith and Ezra

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