November 2003

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

Keith doesn’t want to talk about baseball. He doesn’t want to mention anything about it in this newsletter. Under no circumstances would Keith want to grit his teeth and congratulate the Florida Marlins on their stunning World Series victory. He certainly isn’t jealous enough to mention that his Houston Astros have never won a playoff series while the Marlins have never lost one. He would never think to ask how a world might have spun so far off its axis that a baseball team could win the World Series not once, but TWICE, without ever even winning their own division!

While watching the exciting playoffs (of which it might be noted, the Astros were not a part of), we had the opportunity to go to Louisville, Kentucky for a very different type of Trout performance. Louisville is where they make baseball bats (Louisville Sluggers) but that has nothing to do with our show and it’s a good thing because Keith certainly doesn’t want to talk about baseball. We filmed a television show called Perfect Proposal for The Learning Channel produced by Banyan Productions. It’s a bit complicated but a man (Adam) proposed marriage to a teacher (Mandy) at an elementary school during a Trout concert while we were playing a song written for the occasion. I know that may be a bit confusing, but it certainly made more sense that those baseball playoffs! Let us explain in a bit more detail.

As you may know already, we do residencies from time to time that allow us to go into classrooms and either talk about songwriting or sometimes actually write songs with kids. These residencies have produced some of our hit songs like Alien in My Nose off our new CD, It’s A Puzzle and My Best Day off our Grammy-nominated CD, inFINity. For Perfect Proposal, we held two songwriting workshops. One was held with the 5th Graders at Cartmel Elementary (remember- Mandy is a teacher there) and the other was at a recording studio with Nikki, the host of Perfect Proposal, and Adam, the man who wanted to propose during an elementary school assembly concert given by Trout Fishing in America. The subject of both workshops was LOVE. Interviewing 5th Graders on their feelings about love was enlightening to say the least. “Love can make you feel like you’ve been hit upside the head.”

All this was captured on film for TV. Both songs turned out great and we have been told the show will be airing in the next few months on the Learning Channel. We don’t want to give away the ending, but she does say yes. Keith thought she might say no, but then again, he didn’t think the Marlins had a chance to make it to the playoffs much less win the Series!

It’s A Puzzle, our new family CD, is out and about and so are we. The Holidays are upon us as the Christmas lights are going up everywhere, just in time for Halloween. Now that is scary! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special someone and don’t want to leave the house or turn on the Home Shopping Network, call us at 1-888 HEY TFIA. We can help you out. Soon it will be winter. That means it’s time for us to head south to Florida, The Land of Winners. After all, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl. The Florida Marlins won the World Series. What could happen next? Keith boldly predicts that in the NBA, the Orlando Magic doesn’t stand a chance!

Troutfully Yours,
Keith and Ezra

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