June 2003


Dear e-Fisherfolk:

If you’ve come to see Trout this past year you’ve noticed that there has been some weight loss going on. Keith’s is the most obvious as he’s lost right at 50 lbs. Ezra has lost about 30 pounds. How have we been doing it? Keith has been going to Weight Watchers and Ezra has been stealing Keith’s W W recipes. We’d like to share a recipe with you for a diet cake. It’s the weirdest and simplest thing you can possibly imagine. Buy a box of cake mix. It could be chocolate cake, or yellow cake or Ezra’s favorite, spice cake. Open the box and put the mix in a bowl. Then add a can of diet soda. Take a mixer and blend. Nothing else is required. No milk, no butter, no eggs. Pour the blended mixture in a cake pan that has been lightly sprayed with no fat cooking spray and follow the directions for cooking just as if you had prepared the cake according to the back of the box directions. For yellow or spice cake, Ezra uses diet Sprite, for chocolate or red velvet cake, Keith uses Diet Coke. It sounds weird, but it works and it tastes great. When the cake is done, instead of frosting it, use fat free Cool Whip and maybe a teaspoon of sprinkles. Comes in around 3 or 4 points for all you point counters.

Did any of you get to see the eclipse last month? Wasn’t it wonderful? We wouldn’t have seen it if we had been at home as it was overcast in Arkansas. However, we were on a rare visit to Wisconsin and it was a beautiful, clear evening and the best eclipse Keith has ever seen. While it has been proven that the moon is not made out of cheese, much of the state of Wisconsin is. It is a dairy state and one of the toughest dieting states we’ve been to. Between fried cheese curd and a little shop called Chocolate Temptations on the square in Monroe, there were a few moments of joy that did not involve diet cake.

Summer is in full swing now and as you can see from our calendar, it’s time for us to hit the road. There are two June dates close to home here in Arkansas. We’re rapidly approaching Father’s Day and will be celebrating the occasion Sunday, June 15th at the beautiful Ft. Smith Amphitheatre (North “A” and the Clayton Expressway). Show time is 3:00 PM. Then we’ll be playing at Gulley Park in Fayetteville on Thursday, June 26th. This is getting to be a real tradition for us as we’ve done it 7 years in a row and it’s a blast. Both events are free and very family oriented. Be there but please don’t feed the band.

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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