May 2003


Dear e-Fisherfolk,

The air outside is electric. Everything that breathes it is affected by it. The trees are blooming in a thousand shades of green. Waves of bright color ripple across fields and meadows. Birds are busy building nests and filling their tiny lungs with air that will in turn become the songs of spring. Life lives again.

April was an electric month for the Trout. Early in the month, we were invited to go to the XM Radio studios in Washington, DC for an interview and a taping session. XM Radio is subscription satellite radio that provides over 100 of the most exciting radio stations on the air these days. You can receive the signal pretty much anywhere, even way out in the country where we live. Ezra has XM radio and he loves it. He brought the receiver on the road last October and Keith got to listen to the World Series as we drove around. We’ve had a lot of interesting weeks in the history of Trout Fishing in America, but we’d be hard pressed to name one more exciting than last week. First, we played a show at the lovely and historic Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis. Then we crammed into a very small private plane and flew to Austin, Texas. How small was the plane? Let’s just say that our instrument cases and suitcases are still in St. Louis, as they wouldn’t fit. The pilot thought he was taking some guys fishing in Texas. In Austin, we got to perform six of our songs with the Austin Symphony Orchestra in the Bass Concert Hall. It was really exciting to have the opportunity to play our songs arranged for orchestra by Fred Bogert. Then we drove on to Denton, Texas for three shows at the Jazz and Arts Festival. That’s about as full and as varied a weekend as we can remember.

The most exciting news we have to report is that we finished recording 12 new songs for our upcoming CD. It will be called “It’s a Puzzle” and we’re working feverishly here at Trout Central to finish all the other stuff that goes into completing an album. If everything goes right, we hope to be releasing it before the leaves turn colors this fall.

Check the calendar to see when we’ll be in your neighborhood. Come on out and say hello.

Troutfully yours,
Keith & Ezra

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