April 2003


Dear e-Fisherfolk,

We’re back! Spring break 2003 brought unexpected pleasures as well as challenges. The following paragraphs are reports from the field.

The Idlets – We went to see the Grand Canyon and the surrounding canyon desert country. We drifted in a comfortable motorized raft down the same river John Wesley Powell risked his life and the lives of his cohorts on back in the 1800’s. The Glenn Canyon walls soared over 1500 feet above the Colorado River. At one point we beached our boat and took a short walk back into the canyon and saw petroglyphs that were thousands of years old. It was easy to realize that we’re all just a blip on history’s radar. It was just after that awe inspiring trip that the weather changed. First came fog and cold weather. We went to the alleged Grand Canyon and saw nothing but fog. It was like looking into a full bottle of milk. We went to the Imax theater to see what we missed. The movie photography was spectacular and it really whetted our appetites to see more. Next came snow. Travel advisories and blizzard conditions sent us to the shopping mall in Flagstaff. The kids were in heaven.

When the snow finally quit falling, we drove to the canyon once again to see if we could catch a glimpse. It was cold and windy (really windy) but the canyon was every bit as amazing and beautiful as we had hoped.

The Grimwoods – My wife, Beth, and I planned to visit the Kansas City Zoo, the St. Louis Zoo, several fine steakhouses and about a dozen yard sales in a three state area. We left for Kansas City in high spirits and drove happily through Missouri. We stopped briefly in Butler, MO to visit the birthplace of Robert A. Heinlein, the science fiction writer. By the time we got to our hotel, Beth was very sick. We stayed in our hotel room and watched The Two Towers. In the morning, we visited a Walk In Clinic. They sent us to the emergency room because Beth had pneumonia. The zoos and yard sales will have to wait. We’re back home now and she is better. I tilled and rowed the garden and even planted my beloved potatoes!

Break time is over. We head out today to Tennessee and South Carolina before stopping in at the recording studio to work with Fred Bogert on our new CD. We have eight new songs to record. Yes, we have been busy writing and we’re very excited about the new material. We hope to be test driving them soon with live audiences. First we must learn to play them.

Spring starts tomorrow. Please check out the calendar and see when we’re in your neighborhood or your friend’s neighborhood. Come on out and share your Spring Break stories with us.

Troutfully yours,
Keith & Ezra

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