February 2003


Dear e-Fisherfolk,

Has it been as cold for you as it has for us? We’ve seen subzero temperatures and snow recently. It never made it down to 35 below, but after a point anything below zero is exciting. We even went to Florida thinking that we’d escape the cold and it followed us there! Floridians were apologizing for their weather. They had no idea it was our fault. Tomorrow, we’re flying to Michigan. There’s a warm weather center for you.

The Prairie Grove Lady Tigers basketball team is currently undefeated in conference play. We don’t know what her average is, but Dana Idlet is scoring a lot of points and grabbing a lot of rebounds! In her last outing, she scored 30 points and grabbed 12 rebounds. She was NW Arkansas player of the week last week. Ezra is in the stands as much as possible. Keith has the task of clipping the newspaper articles for the Idlet scrapbook. Congratulations Dana!

We are headed to Nashville, Tennessee next week to take part in the International Folk Alliance conference. While we’re there, we are meeting with our good friend and producer, Fred Bogert, to make recording history. All right, it might not be all that historic, but we do plan to record some new Trout music. This will be part of our next CD project. We’ll let you know more as we progress.

The heart of February is, of course, Valentine’s Day. A day to eat chocolate, kiss your partner and exchange romantic missives. It’s also a good time to come out to the Main Street Theatre in Houston, Texas for a romantic evening with Trout Fishing in America. We provide the music, you provide the romance. Chocolate is optional.

We have often mentioned that the key to a successful career is being in the right place at the right time. Why on earth, you might ask, are we spending the last week in February in Rochester, Minnesota? Don’t you think it might be a little cool that time of year? Yes, but how cold could it be? We’ve seen Calgary, Alberta in January. If it’s any colder than 35 below, we’ll just have to write a song about it.

Besh fishes,
Keith and Ezra

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